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Found 3 results

  1. Sewix

    [DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance [DL]

    Hi, I present my first map: Resonance This is easy map, good for non-advanced players. I invite you to watch the movie :) I greet all TG players DOWNLOAD Informations: ► Map: [DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance ► Game: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas ► Gamemode: Race Deathmatch ► Drivers: Sewix, Konrad & LamboX ► Song: HOME - Resonance ► Download:!h89wVQwI!jYH8HnefieOuxVObG2BJJQ ► Infernus: vM1cra v3 with Spoiler ► Shaders: Shader Panel 1.1.0 by Ren712 ► Recorded: Nvidia ShadowPlay ► Edited: MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 ► Do you want me to record your map? ► Contact Skype: Sewixio ► Thanks for watching :) Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion or entertainment reasons only. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us. I have no intention to make any profit on this song, but use it as entertainment. All the rights go to the producer(s) of this song.
  2. FrowN

    [DM]FrowN -V1- All is Lost +DL

    Hi my Friends, finally im able to release my V1. Map was allready finished an half year ago but i had stopped MTA and i didnt had an record for it so i was holding this map for me. Maybe you know this map allready from Tff or some single little Servers. I Didnt liked my Deco as much so i have overedited alot of Parts. I also know that this type of map is not for everybody but for those who like the map enjoy it :) Thx KINGPI3RR3 for record ;) !!!New Video uploaded!!!
  3. BlueRay98

    BlueRay's SandKing Skin

    Hello guys :8): I'd like to present to u my sandking skin hope u like it :8): pictures PHOTOS WITHOUT EFFECTS :] thanks just hit the like botton down there and comment ! DOWNLOAD LINK :'s SandKing.rar?dl=0 enjoy it ! ;)