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Found 12 results

  1. ► Lightweight, simple, and totally free. Discord has dethroned every other gaming voice chat service 16 months after its release! ► Forget Skype or TeamSpeak and use everything at one place! ► You can use Discord via your browser or simply download an app! ► Get used to Discord now! ► Stay in touch with us on Discord and join our public server! ► Don't be a broom! ► We've lately ''revived'' our Facebook page! ► Stay updated everywhere! ► Special surprise for our 1000th follower! ► Follow us on our Facebook page! ► Don't miss anything anymore! ► Clan Wars, Tournaments and more! ► Special surprise for our 500th subscriber! ► Subscribe to our YouTube channel now! Join! Follow! Subscribe! We're looking forward to all of you! Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
  2. WRITED BY GARIK08 - [if wrong thread, move] Hello everyone! Racing team ‘Legal Street Racers’ presents to your attention our seventh tournament in MTA called “The Battle Begins”. In this tournament you together with your teammate is gonna struggle with other racers according to the system 2x2x2x2.Description:Your team which is consists of two players is gonna struggle with other racers according the system 2x2x2x2. Thirty two teams will be randomly divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, for each run players get the points; first two teams, that will score more points, will pass to the following round. Each round consists of 5 maps and 8 maps for the final round.Information:Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.2 (MTA)Ghostmode: ONRegistration: it will be opened on August 15, 2016 and closed on August 25, 2016All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.Limit: 32 players + reserve playersSchedule:Saturday: 27.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (1 Round)Sunday 28.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final)Server: Forbidden: cheats, trainers, modes and all the programs that will give you an advantage.2. Ping limit: 3503. FPS limit: 504. For unsportsmanlike behavior (a mat, insults, threats, flood, inadequate behavior) the team will be disqualified;5. Fake players are not allowed (Disqualification)6. If the player of your team has Timeout (Connection loss) during the first 10 seconds of race, then referee will force the pause and the race will be continued after the reconnect;If Timeout (Connection loss) happens after 15 seconds – race continues.7. Matches are played strictly according to the schedule!8. It is forbidden to register more than 12 players from one clan (8 main players + 4 reserve players)
  3. As you might have noticed by now, the groups for our CTF tournament have been announced, and we do not plan on making you wait for a long time until you know the schedule for fixtures and which teams you will be playing. So here is the schedule: -Designed by @MightyAce As you can see we are yet to add the date and time for each of the matches, it will be updated soon. Way of Qualification: GROUP STAGE: 1st and 2nd positioned teams of each group qualify, adding to that 2 teams that are positioned 3rd in their groups. Those teams will have the best record among all other 3rd positioned teams, summing the number up to 12 teams qualifying to the next round. ROUND OF 12: Simple and straightforward. The teams that have qualified are randomly scheduled in matches. Whoever wins, qualifies to the next round ROUND OF 6: The teams that have qualified previously are once again randomly scheduled in matches with each other. The 3 winners will proceed to the Semi-Finals alongside the losing team with the best record (tightest loss) in their match, if more than one team have the exact same record then it will be decided over their performance in Group Stage.
  4. In this topic you will be given the chance to register for our Capture the Flag Summer Cup 2016 tournament. Make sure to read the rules of the tournament before registering your team. In order to register your team you must follow the format given below, any submission with a different format will not be accepted. Team Name: Team Tag: Team Players: 1)Player - Nationality (i.e. MightyAce - Israel) 2) 3) 4) 5) Team Reserves (optional): 1) 2) 3) Team Avatar (optional): * A team must at least have 5 players and a maximum of 3 reserves NOTE: This thread is for registration ONLY, any post irrelevant will be deleted and the person to have submitted it will receive a warning. You can also find your own team in the Team Finder thread. Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team.
  5. Launch - Time and activities to be confirmed.
  6. Prelaunch - Time and activities to be confirmed.
  7. This clan war between TG and Down With (the?) Sickness was held on Dec. 5th, 2015. This was livestreamed by Megadreams and edited by me. Results: TG 13 - 7 Dws (720p at 60fps will be available as soon as YouTube does its magics)
  8. Am I getting 100 subbers 2day?
  9. Hello guys today i show images of my sixth map! Best Regards!! ^^ Smyx.
  10. From Nickname(s) Function(s) Additional info Date 3runner º Co-Leader & Recruitment Manager & Clan War Manager Kicked 05.08.2013 3ventic º Website Developer Left 25.08.2016 AcaB º Trial Kicked 17.09.2014 Active º Trial Kicked 22.10.2017 Adam º Developer Kicked 06.03.2019 Al1eN º Member Kicked 19.07.2017 Albinix º Developer & Co-Leader Kicked 02.09.2012 ALV º Trial Kicked 23.09.2013 AnarchY º Trial Kicked 27.03.2018 AniMoGeR7 º Member Left - Antadorea º Member Kicked 07.08.2017 AnUs º Forum Moderator Left 06.09.2016 Anwix º Developer Kicked 23.09.2013 APs º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Arezu º Legend (Developer) Kicked 25.03.2016 ArMexy º Member Left 17.08.2013 AsevenA º Member - 2011 axel+/sora+ º Trial Kicked 02.09.2012 Azula/Ruffy º Trial Left 03.10.2017 BANAN_SK º Member - - BatzMan º Member Left 12.10.2016 Boikot º Recruitment Manager & Clan War Manager Kicked 04.02.2014 boMbo º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 BonBom º Member Kicked 2013 Boudi º Trial Left 23.01.2018 Break º Trial Kicked 01.06.2017 BreAkeR º Clan War Manager Left 27.05.2013 Bullet º Trial Left 08.09.2017 BullsEye º Member Kicked 08.07.2012 Canky º Member Left 09.07.2016 Castiellº Member Kicked 19.06.2016 Cathrine/**PUMA^~^ º Member Left/Closed 23.01.2020 cawfee º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 Chari º Member Left 18.04.2016 Cheslav º Member Kicked 18.07.2016 ChroniK º Forum Moderator Kicked 11.03.2018 ClarK! º Member Left 2013 ClaudiO º Member Left 01.10.2011 CoLLeMaN º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 Cookie º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 CooN! º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Corby º Trial Left 12.10.2014 CresPro º Clan War Manager Left 05.07.2016 Crushead º Member Left 03.09.2011 Crypt º Trial Kicked 09.08.2011 CUMBiERO º Member Left/Retired 15.09.2019 Danx º Member Left 05.04.2017 Darius º Member Kicked 24.07.2016 DarkOne º Member Left 06.12.2012 DarklineR º Member Kicked 17.02.2014 Darmos º Member Left 13.12.2015 DaXx º Trial Left 19/07/2017 Dayrak/Genetikk º Member Left 07.06.2015 Deadline º Member Left 06.02.2012 Deagle º Co-Leader & Clan War Manager Left 10.07.2015 Default437 º Member Left 18.09.2016 Deidara º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 DiatroN º Member Left 02.10.2018 Diggity º Member Kicked 12.04.2012 Division º Member Left 16.07.2016 DoPeR º Member Left 20.05.2012 Doxiu º Member Kicked 06.03.2019 Drake º Member Kicked 21.09.2014 Dubst3p º Member Kicked 09.12.2016 EM1N3M º Member Left 14.08.2016 EmiraT/AmericaNo º Member - - ErturK º Member Left 07.04.2013 ExXoTicC/Artjom º Member Kicked 27.10.2014 Flake º Member Kicked 03.02.2013 FoundeRº Trial Left 02.10.2016 Fraan º Member Left 24.03.2016 Frankzy º Member Left 27.06.2016 FreaK! º Member Left - Fuzzy º Forum Moderator Left 27.03.2016 Giga º Founder Left 2011 GreenFanta º Website Developer Left 27.03.2016 HangoveR º Member (Icon) Kicked 24.07.2016 HaRCoR7 º Clan War Manager Left - Hetero/Parasight/Makaveli º Member Left 10.12.2012 Hidin º Developer Left 28.12.2014 Hope º Member Left 13.07.2018 HyPeX º Trial Left/Retired 08.07.2017 IntreLeX º Designer Left 30.05.2017 iRemix º Developer Kicked 01.04.2012 Jackss º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 Jake º Developer Left/Closed 26.01.2020 JappaX º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 Jarsy º Member Left 20.01.2016 JauJJe º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 JKM º Member Left 25.06.2014 KacaK º Member Left 04.11.2012 Known º Trial Left 19.09.2017 Kamen º Member Left 05.2013 KodiaK º Member Kicked 03.05.2012 Kofi º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Krew º Member Left 25.06.2018 Krlos º Trial Left 02.01.2015 KroN º Member Left 19.12.2012 Krosis º Trial Kicked ~20.09.2014 LeMoN º Member Kicked 25.06.2017 Leon º Trial Kicked 08.11.2017 Lokkimoi º Member Kicked 2016 Lycosa º Founder & Clan War Manager Left 26.10.2012 Mada º Trial Left 14.07.2016 MaT º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 mateR º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Mattox º Trial Left 14.08.2016 Mazda º Member Left 24.05.2018 Megadreams º Developer & Clan War Manager Kicked 26.03.2016 MegaN º Trial Left 12.09.2011 Micra º Member Left 08.07.2012 MightyAce º Designer Left 07.07.2016 MisterQuestions º Leader & Developer Left 29.05.2018 Mondim º Co-Leader Left 02.11.2014 Monoxide/Ace! º Member Kicked 2012 Monst3R/DiablO º Member Left 17.07.2018 Mousy º Member Left 17.01.2018 Mr.Henning º Member Left 05.11.2014 Negativ º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 NeXTreme/Rointep º Developer & Co-Leader Left 28.03.2016 No1se º Member Kicked 25.06.2017 NoNameZ º Member Left 06.10.2016 NoType º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 On-Air º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Packy º Trial Left 02.01.2015 Paranoid º Member Left/Closed 20.01.2020 Passord º Member Left 28.03.2016 Pepponzy º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Phoenix º Co-Leader Kicked 2011 pieT º Developer Left 18.01.2020 pitterer º Developer Left/Closed 26.01.2020 Piťko º Co-Leader & Forum Moderator Left/Retired 02.10.2016 PolakMaly º Member Left 29.10.2012 Pr0RaC3R º Member Left 26.05.2013 PRiX º Member Left 22.06.2015 Punky º Member Left 24.03.2016 Pustoy/Deavido/Gajeel/Coronet º Designer Left 13.08.2016 Quantum º Clan War Manager Left 07.09.2014 R1KUZ º Member Left 18.11.2016 RadheN º Member Left 01.07.2018 Radion º Member Left 15.08.2015 Rafinha º Member Left 02.07.2012 RaGeX º Member Left 02.09.2012 Ramsy º Member Left 15.05.2016 RaYz º Trial Left 16.01.2018 RaZoR º - - 2011 ReazZon º Member Left 04.04.2016 Rextox º Member - 2012 Rhypz º Member Left 18.09.2016 Roald º Leader & Clan War Manager Left 27.12.2012 Roddy º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Sasuke º Trial Left 23.04.2013 SchranZ º Member Kicked 19.06.2016 SebaS º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Sebihunter º Developer & Leader Left 27.03.2016 Shelby º Member Left 08.06.2013 Simas º Member Left 09.06.2015 Siisti-C º Clan War Manager Left 18.09.2016 SkyLiNe º Trial Kicked 2011 skyz/skiez º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 Slimmy º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 Smithy º Founder Kicked 04.03.2012 SOAD º Member Left - Sonic º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 SpeeeDy º Member Left 15.07.2012 SpIdEr º Member Kicked - SpoileR º Trial Kicked 09.06.2013 SquoniX º Trial Kicked 06.09.2017 StrangeR º Website Developer Left 14.07.2016 Style º Member - 2012 Surflexy º Community Manager & Head Designer Kicked 03.08.2017 Synchro º Trial Kicked 28.03.2016 Syntex/ouyso º Community Manager Left 27.03.2016 Thomas º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 TiFiS º Member Left 06.06.2013 Tirnano º Member Left 09.09.2014 TonyxO º Member Left 24.09.2016 ToadFlox º Member Left 29.07.2016 Tobster º Trial Kicked 30.12.2014 Toretto º Designer Left 04.12.2016 Trend º Trial Left 24.05.2018 Tron. º Trial Left 05.10.2017 TRtam º Developer Left 02.05.2017 TulioTC º Member Left 24.12.2012 UltraZz º Clan War Manager Left 02.05.2015 Unix º Leader & Developer Left 27.03.2016 V1sh4l º Co-Leader & Clan War Manager Left 17.09.2016 Vetor3x º Clan War Manager Kicked 05.07.2017 Vytixz º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Wolf_Pack º Member Left 23.03.2016 xInvaDe º Member - 15.08.2011 XiSoRz/BuffalO/Guard º Member Kicked 06.02.2012 Xizen º Member Left 31.08.2017 Zeist/Ruby º Member Left 31.08.2017 ZenoS º Member Left 16.12.2012 Zmany º Trial Kicked 16.09.2014 Zolika º Member Left 09.09.2014 Total: 197 » Founders: Giga, Lycosa & Smithy » Leaders: MisterQuestions, Roald, Sebihunter & Unix » Co-Leaders: 3runner, Albinix, Deagle, Mondim, NeXTreme/Rointep, Phoenix, Piťko & V1sh4L » Community Managers: Surflexy & Syntex/ouyso » Forum Moderators: AnUs, ChroniK, Fuzzy, Piťko & V1sh4l »Developers: Jake & MisterQuestions » Server Developers: Adam, Albinix, Anwix, Arezu, Hidin, iRemix, Megadreams, NeXTreme/Rointep, pieT, pitterer, Sebihunter, TRtam & Unix » Website Developers: 3ventic, GreenFanta, & StrangeR » Designers: IntreLeX, MightyAce, Pustoy/Deavido/Gajeel/Coronet, Surflexy & Toretto » Clan War Managers: 3runner, Boikot, BreAkeR, CresPro, Deagle, FoundeR, HaRCoR7, Kofi, Lycosa, Megadreams, On-Air, Quantum, Roald, Siisti-C, UltraZz, V1sh4l, Vetor3x & Vytixz » Recruitment Managers: 3runner & Boikot © Deagle