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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , i've created this simple tool long ago *at Fri May 17, 2013 5:36 pm to be specific * it allows you to paste text in mta:sa chatbox This tool pastes the text from your clipboard into mta:sa chatbox with one click on Insert key or Ins key The tool is not limited to mtasa game , you can use it in any other apps Notice : you've to start the tool after starting the game Screenshot : Usage : * One click on Insert key or Ins in some keyboards Requirements : * You need .Net framework 3.5 for Windows vista and below (Download) Download (Scan results included) : Still didn't understand what's the tool job ? Have you tried to paste text in chatbox using the paste shortcut ctrl + v? i bet that you did and it didn't work this tool allows you to paste the text in the chatbox when you click at insert key The main reason why i created this is because mta's command log is limited to a specific amount of commands so when you try to paste a text you're removing other commands from the log, this tool allows you to paste any text without having to use mta commander thus you don't lose your old commands What this tool does is that it presses keys on your keyboard so pasting symbols may not be possible and you need to switch keyboard language to english when you post links or any other english text
  2. MTADiag is a small open-source console application which will: Read MTA's and GTA's install paths, and MTA's current version - if multiple versions of MTA are installed, it will ask the user to pick one to diagnoseAutomatically remove compatibility mode settings for GTA and MTA (except for Administrator privileges)Check if DirectX is up-to-date, and if not, download and launch the web updaterAutomatically download and launch MTA's latest nightly or unstable installer (whichever is applicable)Automatically generate a dxdiag logCreate a log file with the aforementioned paths, MTA's previous and updated version strings, the generated dxdiag log, a list of currently running processes, the contents of CEGUI.log, core.log, and logfile.txt, directory listings of the MTA, GTA, and GTA\models folders, and some other miscellaneous information which is automatically uploaded to MTA's Pastebin.Current Version: 2.7.7 It's a little unfriendly due to the fact that it's a console app, but it will streamline client support topics by aggregating all potentially useful information into the first post, or potentially eliminating the need to create a new topic altogether if removing compatibility mode entries, installing the latest nightly and the DirectX runtimes fixes the user's issue. A download link to MTADiag in the MTA CRASHING? Read here first! sticky thread has also been provided. Download MTADiag MTADiag supports Windows XP and newer, but must be run with Administrator privileges on Windows Vista and newer. MTADiag supports MTA 1.1.x and newer. If MTADiag will not run for you, install Visual C++ 2012 Runtime. You can find MTADiag's source on Google Code. Thanks to Maccer and ccw for helping the creator of this tool out with a couple issues during coding. If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions on further improvements, please share. Please note: This is not my tool at all, I just wanted to share this tool with you guys, the reason for this is that I see many people complaining about issues with their version of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, so by using this tool, they may resolve their problems. If this topic were to be stickied (which I know won't happen because this is not my tool), I would be very happy because this is a really helpful tool.