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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there. The groups have been created and here they are! It is that time of they year again, and we are now going to announce the groups which have been created randomly (here's the proof): Designed by @Lehelms (while @SquoniX created some parts of this image). You can find the fixtures here. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  2. What is CTF, and how am I supposed to play it? We will answer your questions in this topic. Capture the flag is a racing/shooter game mode, where the goal is to take the flag from your opponents base and take it to your own base. However, if your opponent has your team's flag, you need to return it before you can score. To return the flag, you can kill your opponent by shooting, ramming and by making the player fall into water. The flag will appear on the spot where he/she died or entered. A match consists of 3 rounds, each round is played for 20 minutes. The first team which reaches 5 points wins the round. At the end of 20 minutes, if no team scored 5 points, the team with the highest points will win the round. In case of a draw, there will be 8 minutes of extra time and the participating players number will decrease from 5 to 3. At the end of 8 minutes, the team which scores more points will win the round. If none of the teams score or if the score is same during the extra time, the round won't be interrupted and will continue till one of the teams scores a point/another point. The team which scores the point first will win the round. As you know, the top 2 teams with the most points will qualify. In case the 2nd team and the 3rd team have the same number of points, the team which has captured more flags in all of the matches combined will qualify. Each registered team must have at least 5 players and maximum 7 players. Each match will be played 5 vs 5 in the Group Stage. Rules: The maximum ping allowed is 250 and the minimum FPS is 35. Planting the flag to a spot where it is hard to return from is not allowed and will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament, no replacement will be allowed. Any kind of insulting or provoking will result in a mute or kick. If a player has to leave during a round, he/she can be replaced by a reserve. Any kind of cheating/hacking or using other methods which gives you an advantage over the other team (and your own teammates) will result in a ban, and the team will have to carry on without a replacement for the entire duration of the match. Using the hydraulics is allowed. Faking another player to play for someone else's team will result in the team being disqualified from the tournament. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  3. Get ready because the fixtures are here! After a long wait, the fixtures are finally here. We ran into some problems, and we are sorry for the delay. You can find the groups table here. This is the schedule (the image will soon be updated with dates): Designed by @Azula. The stages in the tournament: Group Stage: 1st and 2nd positioned teams of each group will qualify to the next round. This means that there will be 8 teams in the next round. Knockout Phase: This stage will include those teams which have qualified the last stage. 8 teams will be carried over from the last stage, the 4 teams which will beat the other teams in this stage will qualify. Semi-Finals: Here, the 4 teams which qualify from the last stage will be in this stage and fight to be in the grand finale. Final: The ultimate showdown, the 2 teams which qualify from the next round will fight against each for the title. Some extra information: These are the maps that you can select (the working maps from the Mapping Contest + the maps with the most votes in this poll): @Dubst3p ft. @ShardeX - Sunset Lovers @Canky - Turtles United @Salahz0r (Krazy) - SyzygY! @RadheN - Absolute Territory @StuntPool94, @Danx & JohnY - PINA DEL COCKORINOIOSES @BuDyA - Morning Glory @V1SH4L ft. @ReazZon - Supernatural @Tirnano - Through The Yard @Arezu ft. @Rointep (NeXTreme) - Aerial Surge @Rapist - Rape the damn flag @BreAkeR - Everything Is Possible As you all know, there will be 3 rounds in a match. The 2 teams will choose the map they want in the first 2 rounds, it will be carried out like this (there will also be a toss to decide which team will choose the map first): The 1st team chooses the map for the 1st round The 2nd team chooses the map for the 2nd round And the map used in the 3rd round is chosen randomly, it can be a map out of the list The tournament will take place in the main server in the CTF Tournament room. Please read the rules if you want to understand how the tournament works in more depth and to also know about the rules and the game mode itself. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  4. Capture the most amount of flags to win a special prize! Hello, folks. Just like last time, we are going to give a special prize to that player who captures the most flags: Designed by @SquoniX. This table will be updated everyday once the tournament starts. You can find the fixtures here. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  5. These people will manage the tournament so that all of you can have a hassle-free experience. The following people are in charge of the upcoming Capture the Flag tournament: Organizer: @Mecha (and @SquoniX, we'll miss you) Referees: @fano23, @Mazda, @RadheN, @Tron., @Canky, @Wolf-Pack, @Danx, @nuRd, @Boudi and @ExTreMe14 Streamers: @Hope, @AdamJames, @Jake and @Monst3R Designer: @Lehelms and @Azula Developer: @MisterQuestions Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  6. Do you want to help us organize the tournament? If you want to do so, create a post here. Hello there. Do you want to contribute by helping us in refereeing the matches? Well, this is just the place for you. Use the format provided below, and we will consider your application. Your in-game nickname: Your country: Time & days when you might be active the most: Are you part of a team (yes/no): Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  7. Don't have a team? Don't worry, create a post here, and you will find one. Hey, folks! Obviously, we'd like to make this tournament known as much as possible between race communities. We believe that a unique gamemode like CTF will surely allow us to accomplish this achievement. Are you alone and desperate because you don't have a team yet? Does your team need more players to fulfil the minimum requirements? This is the right thread for you. Inform others that you need a team by posting basic information (preferably Skype and/or Discord ID(s)) about you down below and spectate the miracle! Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  8. In this topic you will be given the chance to register for our Capture the Flag Summer Cup. Make sure to read the rules of the tournament before registering your team. In order to register your team you must follow the format given below, any submission with a different format will not be accepted. Team Name: Team Tag: Team Players: 1)Player - Nationality (i.e. Tommeh - Finland) 2) 3) 4) 5) Team Reserves (optional): 1) 2) Team Avatar: * A team must at least have 5 players and a maximum of 2 reserves NOTE: This thread is for registration ONLY, any irrelevant posts will be deleted and the person who has created one will receive a warning. If you are unable to find a team, you can create a post in the Team Finder topic so that you can find a team. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  9. Vote for your favourite maps! Choose the map(s) which you would like to see in the Capture The Flag Summer Cup, multiple choices are allowed. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  10. We are very glad to announce that we are going to announce another Capture the Flag Summer Cup. Last year's tournament was a success, and we are sure that this year's tournament won't be any different as well. These are the links that you will need to know everything about our tournament: Registration (the registration period will start on 21st June since we want to give others some time to create the maps for the Capture the Flag Mapping Contest, more information about the Mapping Contest has been provided at the end of this topic): Guide & Rules: Team finder: Event organisation team: Applying to be a referee: Voting for your favourite maps: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear community, hello! We are happy to announce another mapping contest. This time a CTF one! What is the goal of this contest: The goal is simple; create a simple, clear and playable map on the theme of spring/summer for the upcoming Capture the Flag Summer Cup. How do I create a CTF map: This topic should contain all the information that you need. Where should I post the map(s): Post your map(s) here. Where do I send my map(s): Include all files into one zip file and send it via PM to me. Rules: There are basically no rules or restrictions. Use your imagination, use a spring/summer theme, nothing else. You can post as many maps as you want, however only one prize will be given in case the mapper(s) win(s). Maximum three mappers should be involved in creating a map. Post format: The title of the topic should be like this: [CTF] Mapper's name (ft. if there is more than one mapper) - Map's name The format used in the topic should be like this: Mapper(s) involved: Map's name: Screenshots/Videos/Anything else you may want to add: What is the deadline: All maps must be posted and sent until 07.06.2017 23:59 GMT +2. Prizes: We will give out as many prizes possible. Every map has a chance. Post as many maps as you wish, however there will one prize per one person. The winning maps will be selected by us. The prizes are: Donator status for month + in-game rewards on the newTwisted Gamers 3 server. The opportunity to watch the entire tournament directly on the server. Note: The prizes might change in some time. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team