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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, guys. I wanted to know how many languages can you all speak, I will go first. I can speak four languages: Hindi English Punjabi Urdu
  2. inder

    low FPS

    Hello,guys I have a problem with my fps idk why its to low all time even i have 3gb RAM,2GB graphics card GT 710 zotac. Today i reinstall my MTA and gta.san so what the problem i need help some fast cuz CTF tournament in near. Thank you, Inder, From Twisted Gamers
  3. Hello there. I am going to list some TG 2 improvements which I believe will make the server much better for now (until TG 3 launches), I am going to keep this topic short unlike my previous topic. Note: Some of these suggestions may not be implemented since they require old scripts which might not be available anymore. These suggestions are more of a way to show how the current server can be improved while we wait for TG 3. The suggestions are (these also include bug/glitch fixes): Fix a bug where the anti-AFK warning doesn't go away when the player opens the dashboard and presses F2 to leave the room (there could be other ways to reproduce this bug). Fix a dashboard bug where when a player buys a map and exits the dashboard, the cursor is still present. Fix a bug where you can't join a room after leaving it. Fix a bug where a player is always muted after he/she reconnects (when the player has been unmuted). Fix a bug where the dashboard starts behaving weirdly after it has been opened several times while the login panel is present. Fix the statistics in the Portal. Fix the map buying limit (1 hour is shown as 480 minutes). Fix the notifications (forum followers joining and leaving the server, etc.). Increase the limit of the /flip command to something more realistic like $10,000,000. Increase free map purchases for the donators from 3 to 10 (or any amount you want). Increase the prices of Upgrades, Map Store, etc. Upgrades Refund fee, when an Upgrade is refunded, the player will get only 80% of the money back (the price of the Upgrades needs to be increased for this to work nicely), all of the Skill Points will be refunded. Enable the Map Uploader. Bring the Roulette script back. Bring the Flappy (game) script back. Bring the Anti-Insult script back. Bring the Quiz script back. Bring the Roll script back (same limit as the /flip command). Bring the Spin script back (same limit as the /flip command). Bring the YouTube script back. Include an option to enable and disable the radio in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the car fade feature in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the car hide feature (with some sub-options like: 1. Hide nearby vehicles and 2. Hide all vehicles) in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the map road feature (the one you can enable and disable by pressing the 'i' key to show and hide roads) in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable Anti-Bounce in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the ping warning in the dashboard.
  4. Hello, mates. I am finally back after a long break (~6 months), and I must say it's great to be back. The reason I was gone is that I had exams, and I also felt that I was not welcome here to be honest (totally my fault). Some of my friends have told me to forget about the past, and they are correct, but I can't. I know it's just a game, but Twisted Gamers has been very important and dear to me. I did everything because I wanted to be a part of the community, to be something people could look up to, and I have failed terribly as you can see. I didn't want to create a topic like this at all because it is really embarrassing for me, but I wanted to express my feelings. I don't know if I am correct or not, but I think that whenever someone hears my name, something negative comes to their mind first (rather than something good about me), and I want to change that. As some of you might know, I created a topic some months ago apologizing for my actions. I probably sound like a broken record by now, leaving the server and apologizing only to do something stupid later. I don't know how this topic is being perceived, does it look like drama? Maybe, maybe not, I have no idea. Is there a hidden agenda behind this topic? Not at all (not sure what the agenda would be really). Well, I think it's time to forget about the past and just move on. So, yes, I am back, and I am really looking forward to playing with you guys!
  5. All I wanted to say is that I have lost any motivation I had, I am very busy in real life because of studies and my gf (ok no, too obvious). Other than that, TG, MTA:SA and other games just don't entertain me anymore. I should have created this topic a month ago, but I couldn't do so since I am busy as I said earlier. Other than that, I just feel like I have done a lot of stupid stuff. There is no way I can make up for it. I am just going to leave TG before I do something even more stupid and focus on my life. Bye.
  6. Hello there. As you might know, I created a topic last month titled "I am leaving TG" which has now been hidden (as per my request). The reason I am creating this topic is that I was wrong. As you all know, there was a recruitment session a few days ago and some trials were selected, now, me behaving like a typical kid, started whining why I wasn't one of those trials. It was a really stupid thing to cry about to be honest, it was obvious why I wasn't selected (and why I will never be selected). I created such a horrible topic humiliating TG, I am not creating this topic to increase my chances of being selected as a trial (I know some of you might think this is the sole reason I am creating this topic). It's not about me joining TG, it is about me feeling bad for what I have done on this server. And yes, I know some people don't care about this, and it is fine. Most of you are probably just tired of this drama. I like drama, but I don't like being a part of it. Ironically, I am pretty much the drama queen of TG. So, what is the point of this topic? The point is that I want to apologize for what I said in that topic and the way I behaved after the trials were announced.
  7. SquoniX

    Weather Gallery

    Hello, folks. If you want a good weather in the game for whatever reason, you know that it will take a lot of time to arrive at that weather which you like the most. To make this easier, a site has been made to help you in finding the perfect weather, here's the link. Someone shared this site somewhere else, and I thought that it was a good idea to share it with you guys as well. It's not my site by the way.
  8. The day has finally come, I have finally ascended. From the ashes of my old and potato PC to this majestic new gaming PC. Oh, the pain that old PC gave me... the horrors, I am still trying to get over it. I know my PC does not have top-of-the-line hardware but it's more than enough. Okay, whatever, these are my PC's specifications (I have an R9 280X, you can't see the GPU's name in the screenshot): Feel free to hit me up on Steam.
  9. Hello there. I was bored today, so I made a map which shows the location of all the staff members. Please note that the locations are not accurate since I don't know in which city most of the staff members live.
  10. Guys, I am going to share a very motivational video with all of you. It doesn't matter if you get denied, you stand up, and make another join request. You will get many chances, another one, another one, another one, another one. Don't you give up, don't you pity yourself. I believe that you are a genius, loyal and mature person. I appreciate that. Don't be jealous of others, work so hard that others become jealous of you. The other applicants were accepted for a reason, find the reason and improve yourself. Getting denied only makes you more prepared for the next recruitment session. I believe in you. Change yourself, show the new you and shock everybody else.
  11. Hello there. I have made a poll so that we can all see which operating system do the players on the server use.
  12. Hello, guys. I wanted to help others by providing the files which are located in the game's directory (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). I uploaded these files because I have seen many players requesting for the original files which are located in the game's directory since they mess up their game's files, so I thought uploading these files and sharing it with you guys would be helpful. I know other players have already uploaded some of these files on other sites but I didn't want the players to scavenge for the files and waste their time. Please note that some files have not been uploaded so as to avoid any legal action (if anyone feels that some of the files that I have uploaded shouldn't be shared then please notify me so that I can remove them), the files are available here. The original vehicle files are in the folder 'Vehicles' which is located in the folder 'Additional Files'. You can download any of the folders/files, you don't need to download all of them at once, just pick whichever folder/file you want.
  13. Hello there, I wanted to make this topic because many new players who come to the server don't know some of the terms used in Shooter and I thought that making a list of them and also explaining them would be a bit helpful for them. Please refrain from trolling since this topic is only made for the new players. Here are the terms which are commonly used in Shooter: Ground kill (GK): This term is used when a player kills another player without jumping, it is the simplest way to kill other players. Aerial kill (AK): This term is used when a player kills another player after jumping. In this, a player jumps and tilts his/her vehicle at such an angle so that he/she can kill another player (the other player has to be on the ground otherwise it will be considered a mid-air kill (explained below)). Mid-air kill: This term is used when a player kills another player while he/she is in the air after jumping, this is a comparatively hard way to kill other players. In this method, the player jumps, and shoots the other player while he/she is also in the air. Hydraulics-killing (hydra-kill):This term is used when a player kills another player using the vehicle's hydraulics. It is a bit like aerial-killing but only without jumping. This method was very hard to adopt because of the possibility of a KMZ but due to the 'anti-kmz' script, it's much easier to use against other players. You basically press the number '2' on the number pad (it's located on the right side of the keyboard) which will lower the front portion of your vehicle making it possible to kill other players easily since the missile would touch the ground (referring to 'blast radius') and blow the vehicle of another player. Long-shoot kill: This term is used when a player kills another player by luck or by skill from far away. Team-kill (TK): This term is used when a player kills his/her teammate. Since it's hard to survive in a room with many players, some players resort to forming teams. Back-shoot: This term is used when a player kills another player from behind, not in front. Speedboost (SB): This term is used when a player kills another player using the Speedboost ability. Kamikaze (KMZ): This term is used when a player kills another player when he/she is too close to him/her which causes both of them to die. This isn't possible to do so anymore because of 'anti-kmz' which is a script developed by one of the developers, it doesn't let you KMZ other players. The script isn't perfect and you will be able to kill other players through this method (happens around 4% of the times from my experience, I think it is caused mostly due to lag). Lagger: This term is used to refer to a player who lags. The term 'lag' means a noticeable delay between the action of a player and the reaction of the server. Although lag may be caused by high latency, it may also occur due to a player using a weak PC. Camper: This term is used to refer to a player who camps. The term 'camp' refers to a state in which a player stays at the same location on purpose, probably so that he/she can survive without actually putting up a fight. Runner: This term is used to refer to a player who runs away whenever a player is trying to kill him/her. Noob (nob, newbie, nab): This term is used to refer to a player who is new to a game/server. It's a derogatory term, it isn't a very offensive word but one should avoid using it. Pro (professional, pra): This term is used to refer to a player who is experienced in a game/server. It's a compliment though some players may use it in a sarcastic way. 1 vs. 1 (duel, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3): This term is used when a set of players/player challenge/challenges another set of players/someone else to beat them/him at the end of a round (usually), these are the most common configurations: 1 vs. 1 2 vs. 2 3 vs. 3 Repair (rp, fix): This term refers to a pickup which fixes/repairs vehicles. Good game (GG, gege): This term is used when a player compliments another player for putting up a good fight, etc. Go (g): This term is used when when a player is ready to put up a fight against another player.
  14. Hello, I recently noticed that the height of the jumps and jump markers has been reduced dramatically (I am only talking about Shooter). I know this was done to ensure that the players didn't jump using the jump markers (the ones with very long and high jumps) which makes the round very lengthy and boring, but the problem is that some maps have been made in such a way that jump markers need higher jumps to get across the map (for example: getting over water). Since the height of the jumps of the jump markers has been decreased, many parts of the maps have been rendered inaccessible. Please look into this because I died on many maps due to this. I don't know if this is a suggestion, but if you think so then kindly move this topic to the appropriate board, thanks. Here are some screenshots to explain the problem (this map is still accessible because we can go to the other side, but this is not the case for some other maps):
  15. Hello, there is now a new bug/glitch and I think it needs to be fixed quickly. Whenever you go to Shooter 1 and a new map starts, the screen turns black and you have to press F2 and join the room again to play the map. You have to repeat this process whenever a new map starts. It's really annoying and it started happening an hour ago. Here's the proof:
  16. Hello, everybody. I just wanted to show that the staff members are able to add a background cover or something, for example: We normal members don't have the option to add a background cover: I asked some staff members and they didn't know anything about this themselves, I think this was done on purpose to give the staff members a staff-member-only feature. I just want to be able to add a background cover too. Can you enable this option for us too? Please?
  17. I just noticed that there are 2 maps by the same mappers. The maps have absolutely no difference, here is a comparison: There's hardly anything new about the new map. Please delete it, thanks.
  18. Since money will be gone forever (as some admins have stated), I thought I would share some of my money for fun. All you have to do is choose a number from 1-50. I will go to this site and the number that the site will generate will be the one which will make you eligible for the prize (in case you chose that number). In case the number of players participating is lower than 50, I will let the site generate a random number from the numbers that the participants have chosen in such a case. The winner be declared within 39 hours. I made a similar event last year (the prize was $5,000,000) but I was trolling at that time and I am sorry for that. I won't troll this time. Good luck!
  19. Hello there. So, I was thinking of some events and I wanted to share my ideas with you, I will also walk you through them in the best way possible. Well, here's the list: Last Man Standing: In this event, the participants will be spawned throughout the whole map randomly, they will be given a suitable vehicle (Infernus and such). They would also be able to jump and shoot. All they have to do is shoot the other participants, the one who survives the carnage wins. The participants can't exit out of their vehicle, camping isn't allowed either. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. The participants will be given spawn protection for about 5-10 seconds so that spawn-killing is kept to a minimum. Find the Vehicle: In this event, the participants will be spawned at the same place, all they have to do is find the hidden vehicle and enter it. The first one to do this wins. You can also /respawn. It is a very simple event actually and I think StrangeR has already done some of these. Airborne: In this event, the participants will be spawned on the roof of a plane (my choice of aircraft would be the AT-400), after this, the plane will take takeoff from a spot and fly throughout the city (one of the staff members will fly it). The participants have to stay on the roof of the plane, the event will run for a specific time, the participants who will still be on the plane when the time runs out will be declared the winners. This event works on SA-MP, the admins should make this event with a grain of salt because I am not sure if this event will work. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Skydiving Madness: This event is a bit different, it won't be hosted in the default GTA:SA world, instead there would be a custom map (you can find some maps related to this event on the internet or on the server, I am not sure). In this event, the participants will be spawned in the air, they will also be accompanied with a parachute. The custom map will have a bunch of obstacles in the air, all the participants have to avoid these objects while falling down. In case a participant hits an obstacle, he/she will die on spot. The ones who manage to avoid the obstacles will be declared the winners (there will be many layers of different types of obstacles to challenge the participants). Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Aquaphobia: In the beginning of this event, this event will be very similar to the 'Airborne' event which I talked about earlier but it comes with a twist. The plane will taxi on the taxiway, after this, the plane will takeoff from the runway. Some seconds after the takeoff, the plane somehow crashes into the ocean, the staff member flying it dies on impact, the participants are now required to somehow swim to the Santa Maria Beach's shore. The first one to do so wins, this is just a basic race event though. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Hide & Seek: In this event, the participants will be spawned at the same place, all of the participants will be 'Hiders' except one of them who will be the 'Seeker'. There will be a specific period of time given to the Hiders so that they are able to find a place and hide there, while this happens, the Seeker's screen will be black so that he/she can't see the Hiders. After the time is over, the Hiders' vehicles will be frozen, the Seeker has to find the Hiders. The one (Hider) who doesn't get caught is declared the winner. The only way the Seeker wins is by finding all of the Hiders. Failure to do so results in, well, failure. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Breakable: This is my favourite event, it's pretty easy. In this event, the participants spawn at the same place but that place will be a bit different. The participants will be spawned on sheets of glass in the middle of a desert. Every participant has a shotgun and what the participants have to do is shoot the glass so that the other participants fall down and cripple to death. There are usually 4-5 sheets of glass on top of each other, the participants can shoot any of them, it takes around 1-2 shots to break the glass. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. If you think these ideas have already been implemented, I am sorry, I was just sharing my ideas.
  20. SquoniX

    A Buggy Map

    Erm, I have no idea where to post this topic so I have decided to post it here. If you think this is an inappropriate place to create this topic, kindly move it to the appropriate place. So, there's a map where this road suddenly started appearing, please get the map fixed, nothing else. Oh and here's the screenshot:
  21. Hello, everyone, I am very disappointed with the number of bugs/glitches in the portal. Here's what's wrong with the portal: 1. These settings never work: 2. Clicking on these names results in an error: 3. I have never seen these 'Awards' work: 4. Are the clans going to be in the beta phase forever?: 5. No attention is being paid to these suggestions: 6. No attention is being paid to these bugs as well: 7. The money you get per Euro has been increased to $50,000, whereas it says I will receive $250,000 for 10 Euros (which should be $500,000) below: 8. These signatures don't work: 9. The weekly playtime is bugged here: 10. Average playtime is bugged as well: 11. The 'User Control Panel' does not work: 12. This pops up every time I visit the portal: 13. The search does not work many times. 14. How are these even calculated? 15. These don't include the time spent on other gamemodes (Hunter/Training/Bar/Map Testing/Cops and Robbers/Fun, etc.):
  22. A great man, named SquoniX, once walked the Earth. He was a very wise man, indeed, oh, he sure was. He was a man of pure poetry, he helped us in creating such an amazing, stupendous, stunning, prodigious and marvelous national anthem: "Hear my words and bear witness to my vow. Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my inactivity. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post, I shall not fail the trials. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the admin on the score-tab. I am the shield that guards the realms of our players. I pledge my life and honor to the Twisted Gamers' Watch, for fighting these noobs and all the noobs to come." ―SquoniX "The Twisted Gamers' Watch is the only thing standing between the realm and what lies beyond and it has become an army of undisciplined noobs and tired old pros. There are less than 60 of us now. We can't man the other gamemodes on the serverl. We can't properly patrol the wilderness. We have barely enough resources to keep our admins armed and fed." ―Lord Vishal to Maester Unix "You came to us as outlaws, ban evaders, hax0rs, spammers, campers. You came alone, in chains, without friends or honor. You came to us rich and you came to us poor. Some of you bear the names of proud clans, others only bastard names or no names at all. It does not matter. All that is in the past. Here on the server, we are a big clan." ―Lord Ramsy to the new trials "wow lol this server's environment is full of gud ppl admens are pro mature, i am mature also i made 69 maps, i can re cord bro, am mature <3 tg" ―Random asslicker trying to join the Twisted Gamers' Watch
  23. There is no need to prove anything here through pictures/videos because I simply can't. The bug is that when I PvPed my friend, there was a powercut in my area and the lights went off (the PvP didn't start yet). Some time ago I told Unix to implement this so that if someone disconnects before the PvP even starts, they don't lose any money When I came back, I expected my money to be returned but it was the same amount before the powercut occurred, I asked my buddy and he told me that he got his money back. Just wanted to ask if I could get my $1 million back?
  24. Hey, scripters/coders. I am the new expert here and I would like to teach you all some scripting/coding. First of all, let's start with Squ Lite codec version 5463.4352.2342.123, this is a very good version with many hexa-decimal codes at an amazing angle-vertex of 362 degrees. To make these hexa-decimal codes a triangular code with injected line base from a program like '453.454.34 Code Creator', you can now finally set some algorithms to make these codes work, these codes use a 453.3242 codec length way of working, these require permission from the Squ Lite 5463.4352.2342.123 and Squ Mega 4353453.43534 to work properly and render with 3D settings in such a way that it will make the host and the server use the 4534.4353 coder version automatically. The codex version 69.420564.234 uses a very light method of hexa-dexa formulation and works very nicely in versions where the server is higher than 1.232.213, these need the ultra-code-003 with code-permission-sender-0045 to work. Bye, guys, I hope I was of immense help to you!