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Found 15 results

  1. WRITED BY GARIK08 - [if wrong thread, move] Hello everyone! Racing team ‘Legal Street Racers’ presents to your attention our seventh tournament in MTA called “The Battle Begins”. In this tournament you together with your teammate is gonna struggle with other racers according to the system 2x2x2x2.Description:Your team which is consists of two players is gonna struggle with other racers according the system 2x2x2x2. Thirty two teams will be randomly divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, for each run players get the points; first two teams, that will score more points, will pass to the following round. Each round consists of 5 maps and 8 maps for the final round.Information:Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.2 (MTA)Ghostmode: ONRegistration: it will be opened on August 15, 2016 and closed on August 25, 2016All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.Limit: 32 players + reserve playersSchedule:Saturday: 27.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (1 Round)Sunday 28.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final)Server: Forbidden: cheats, trainers, modes and all the programs that will give you an advantage.2. Ping limit: 3503. FPS limit: 504. For unsportsmanlike behavior (a mat, insults, threats, flood, inadequate behavior) the team will be disqualified;5. Fake players are not allowed (Disqualification)6. If the player of your team has Timeout (Connection loss) during the first 10 seconds of race, then referee will force the pause and the race will be continued after the reconnect;If Timeout (Connection loss) happens after 15 seconds – race continues.7. Matches are played strictly according to the schedule!8. It is forbidden to register more than 12 players from one clan (8 main players + 4 reserve players)
  2. Hello, lets get to the thread! Let's review before-match analysis for upcoming match between SiK and MAG ;) if you dont know the clans, i'll write something about them SiK created in 2008, current race-cw ratio 56 wins - 1 draw - 18 loss 56-18-1 , they have such good racing members as Thwonder, Juanka, Wintersun, and others. How they race - MAG - Was created this year, and this is their first debut on a race scene. As they new, they gaining so much pro, and new members. They have chance to be in the biggest race event Multi Theft Auto RACE League next season in Autumn [if the scheluder will make it] What do you think, who will win the race? Vote on poll, maybe will be suprise, maybe will be tight game. This cw will be recorded by me. EDIT : Server where will be played - SiK Private [got from MAG leader] - and hour will be 19:00 CEST
  3. Hi. I'm back with this map called My Simple Style II. Jope you enjoy Recorder: mTH ~▷ 1080p60 is advised▷ Song: Leader - Warrior Inside [HD]▷ Infernus: vM1cra v5▷ Lights: Led Lights made by DrakeMy Skype: Gm-Sun - My Simple Style ll - Thanks for watching. Best Regards: #SlipknoT
  4. -- [DM] SandwaveZ ft. ??? - ??? -- Looking for one partner.Skype: mateito1233Skype SandwaveZ: sandwave00
  5. Hello everybody.This time bring a request ft, is a continuation of my previous map (Different Nature) with Maxspeed.My skype: sebas15rfBest regards: #SlipknoT
  6. Hello everybody. I come to present my vol. 2 called My Simple Style. Here is the link if anyone wants to get.!0lpyhYQK!_7hMKUmUs-FWpOGQxZ1J9icG4jKTiHm9DFvbq5OsIn4 I hope you like it. Best regards: #SlipknoT
  7. Hello everybody. I come back, to present my feat map with Maxspeed called Different Nature. Here is the link if anyone wants to get.!UthnVKSA!a3mLM8...-eFrMwgRrrSp8EI hope you like it.Best regards: #SlipknoT
  8. My first map in long time :D in HQ
  9. I change the channel, do not forget to send your maps via Skype. Skype: mateito1233 My map is free: Song: Beatjunkx & Factory DJs - Persia (Original Mix) Sorry for the spam, I just want to be aware of my new channel and do not forget to send your maps if problems. (google translator)
  10. (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) Hey friends, here I bring the video and bring you the Deshex v1, has a long way to end it, but here's a little preview. Skype: mateito1233 ------INSTAGRAM: ------GOOGLE: ------TWITTER:
  11. Hello im back with a new video after a little break, my pc got a virus and cant record with 60 fps, so.. I decided to make with 53 fps till i repair it :c MERRY X-MAS GUYS !!!!!!!! Credits: Infernus by Miyafuji (Private) Led Lights by idunno Song: mapsong Best regards, Kasty.
  12. Hi, I'm chequito and I come to present my v5, I hope you like it when I finish.
  13. [DM]P[ow]er V.2 - Deathly Hallows I like you like it!