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Found 19 results

  1. What's your most popular YouTube channel video? mine is - 314 971 VIEWS. What's yours?
  2. Hey guys, Today I will present a new map called: BOOMBASTIC! By: Tarkaan, I hope you like! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The map itself is dark, so the video is something dark in certain occasions. Skype: Smyxter1 Channel: Click Here! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Regards! ~Smyx
  3. Hey guys i want to show images about my map..
  4. Hello Guys! this is my last Quality..You can help me with a coment about the video!.. Thanks for see this topic!
  5. o Hello guys, today i decided to start the first part of my mapping series since some guys asked me to do so. I hadn't time to make edits but it's fine. I promise the next episode will be better. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Credits : o Song used : 10 minutes Countdown with Epic Music o Requested by Wayzee & ToadFlox o Inspired by WW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Software used : Sony Vegas pro 11
  6. Hello everybody Many mappers already knows about this, still some doesn't. This tutorial shows how to place objects using coordinations & how does double-siding works. ->Short-cut : Press "C" to copy the object selected. -> Increasing "X" value from (position) makes your object move forward. -> Decreasing "X" value from (position) makes your object move backward. -> Increasing "Y" value from (position) makes your object move to the left. -> Decreasing "Y" value from (position) makes your object move to the right -> Adding - before the "Y" value will make your object mirror-moved to the right side. -> Removing - from the "Y" value will make your object mirror-moved to the left side. -> Make sure to rotate objects after using the double side trick. -> When all "X" , "Y" , "Z" (position) has values, add - before "X" & "Z" to rotate it correctly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song link (requested by DiablO) : Software used : Sony vegas Pro 11
  7. Hello Twisted Gamers and Community! Today I'm going to present you my map called Zeigeist.. this map is harder but so fun.. Enjoy and thanks for watching My skype: Smyxter1
  8. Hello Dear Community Today i will present this map by DarkyZ called Sympathy.. Enjoy this video! and thanks for watching..
  9. Impzy

    MTA Memes

    Post here your MTA memes you've made yourself or found elsewhere. These memes below are old and there has been similar topic but I bet 95% of the current players haven't seen these (and I didn't make all of these memes) So let's make more memes!
  10. Hey guys i want to show my new vídeo called Joaq vol.3 Simple work!..Enjoy
  11. Hey guys this is a new video of backwards.. Enjoy
  12. Hello TG Community I'm VenaDe we spent good times with you but now i think the time has come to say goodbye to you good luck in your life :) Regards By: VenaDe THANK YOU GUYS THANKS MTA :) Contact: Skype: ExceLLenTR35 / WhatsApp: 90+ 0507 527 08 01 / e-mail:
  13. Hellooooo :D there you got it i hope you will like it cya ... there is a download link in the youtube commentary box
  14. Hello TG Comunity! Today i bring to TwistedGamers lovers , this Skin for MTA created by me , me using photoshop enjoy the theme :) 1) Go to C:\Multi Theft auto 1.4\MTA\cgui\images ( or in other case is D..)2) Paste all the files of the downloaded .rar file and replace all the images of your original MTA 'images' folder.3) Open MTA and go to Settings → Interface → And select ENGLISH idiom , Enjoy the theme:D Download Fixed
  15. Hello guys , im searching guys for my feat , please write your skype Regards to the comunity
  16. i hope you like it, and enjoy it ^^
  17. Hello guys this is my map vol 5^^! i will finish this map soon time Best Regards to the Comunity!
  18. Hello everybody. This is my ft request. If you would like to continue it, leave a comment with your skype or add me ( l0kast1c ) and tell me. Greetings.
  19. Watch it in 720p 60 fps ^^ enjoy it.