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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I used to play here a long long time ago but now I decided to try it out again. I don't remember any of the controls but I used to be kind of okay.
  2. Hi everyone s . My name is Richard Johan . and I 'm new to this community . I live in Dominican Republic. I'm not very active to say, but I will try to go whenever you can to the server. Having insurance have accepted my new maps here , I hope you like it . and hopefully also a lot of fun in this community Twisted Gamers
  3. Hello there Well, I'm here to introduce myself. I hope you enjoy reading it! my real name is João Lucas mostly known as Xizen! ingame. I'm 17 years old and Living in a small city called Fortaleza - CE. I've been playing in efefes lately ( obviously most of you might not know me), but from now i'll keep myself here :p. I dont have much stuff to say about myself, but I like to play MTA, CS GO in my free time. I also enjoy going out with my friends at weekend hah. Well let's met each other in s erver. To sum it all I really enjoyed the server itself and must spend my time playing here! See you in the server. Cheers Xizen!
  4. Who iam? My real name is Ahmed Emam known as Mosha/Orb, I'm from Egypt. I'm sixteen years old, also i love Soccer/Swimming. little story about me:- im SA-MP player, i used to play @CnR server since 2007 and then in 2008 i joined FR server and after a while i became Administrator i left it last year because the server is down, Then i moved to MTA i joined some DM servers and i trained some maps, i left the game for awhile but I'm Back :) I Hope to enjoy my stay here
  5. Ok.... Hello my name is Felipe Velasco and my nick in the game is Smyx , i want to talk about me ^^! , i'm very friendly with the people , i'm funny with my friends , i'm Lazy with some things but i'm very active with my responsability , play this game for me is very amazing with this words "Amazing" , i don't like the bad boys in the game , the game is boring with they , i like play Footbal , Basketball and other sports , i like stay alone , not the all time but i like , my english is not the best but in the time i will better XD , about the clan ... Twisted Gamers is a Great Comunity , with the Members , Players etc... TG have a excellent Server , amazing support , and nice forum , i like this Comunity because have amazing details , i play Multi Theft Auto 7 Years ago , in others areas as Freerroams , Drifts and more , but not DM , DM is Awesome , this form of playing is cool for me is better than others , changing the topic.... i had clans goods and bad , not bad of everything but the comunity yes.... TagNameRankResponsibilitiesSoR!Squad of RevolutionMember-|-XpR-|Xtreme pro RaceLeaderLeader NsGNonstop GamingMember-~XuG//Xtreme united GamezMain LeaderMap uploader , Map testerLxG//Latin Xtreme GamersMember- i have a channel with my Backwards , i like backwards:) for me is cool!! , this is my Channel. My Channel This is my life:) i have 17 years old , i study , i have much free time for playing , i have a girlfriend , and now my intention is join to Twisted Gamers... Thanks for read this , and the Best Regards for you! - Smyx