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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, lets get to the thread! Let's review before-match analysis for upcoming match between SiK and MAG ;) if you dont know the clans, i'll write something about them SiK created in 2008, current race-cw ratio 56 wins - 1 draw - 18 loss 56-18-1 , they have such good racing members as Thwonder, Juanka, Wintersun, and others. How they race - MAG - Was created this year, and this is their first debut on a race scene. As they new, they gaining so much pro, and new members. They have chance to be in the biggest race event Multi Theft Auto RACE League next season in Autumn [if the scheluder will make it] What do you think, who will win the race? Vote on poll, maybe will be suprise, maybe will be tight game. This cw will be recorded by me. EDIT : Server where will be played - SiK Private [got from MAG leader] - and hour will be 19:00 CEST
  2. Hello everybody today i come to you with a new idea for an event (admins event) i created this event to see if we can find the best players (admins) in every gamemod ;p I hope you like the idPicture: the link and u will find the idea picture Like you see in the picture every year 3R,TG and - servers chose 1 admin in every gamemod DM/DD/Shooter and they fight each others until they get 5 points the first player(admin) that get 5points win the match and get a badge(still working on it) on his Profile For the best player of he year (...) Every gamemod will have 1 admin that won the match and will be the [Admin of the year (...)]I really hope you like the idea because this is my first try and i want to share my ids for the world ; 3R Team accepted this event and waiting for - gaming server and TG server
  3. Since money will be gone forever (as some admins have stated), I thought I would share some of my money for fun. All you have to do is choose a number from 1-50. I will go to this site and the number that the site will generate will be the one which will make you eligible for the prize (in case you chose that number). In case the number of players participating is lower than 50, I will let the site generate a random number from the numbers that the participants have chosen in such a case. The winner be declared within 39 hours. I made a similar event last year (the prize was $5,000,000) but I was trolling at that time and I am sorry for that. I won't troll this time. Good luck!
  4. Hello there. So, I was thinking of some events and I wanted to share my ideas with you, I will also walk you through them in the best way possible. Well, here's the list: Last Man Standing: In this event, the participants will be spawned throughout the whole map randomly, they will be given a suitable vehicle (Infernus and such). They would also be able to jump and shoot. All they have to do is shoot the other participants, the one who survives the carnage wins. The participants can't exit out of their vehicle, camping isn't allowed either. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. The participants will be given spawn protection for about 5-10 seconds so that spawn-killing is kept to a minimum. Find the Vehicle: In this event, the participants will be spawned at the same place, all they have to do is find the hidden vehicle and enter it. The first one to do this wins. You can also /respawn. It is a very simple event actually and I think StrangeR has already done some of these. Airborne: In this event, the participants will be spawned on the roof of a plane (my choice of aircraft would be the AT-400), after this, the plane will take takeoff from a spot and fly throughout the city (one of the staff members will fly it). The participants have to stay on the roof of the plane, the event will run for a specific time, the participants who will still be on the plane when the time runs out will be declared the winners. This event works on SA-MP, the admins should make this event with a grain of salt because I am not sure if this event will work. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Skydiving Madness: This event is a bit different, it won't be hosted in the default GTA:SA world, instead there would be a custom map (you can find some maps related to this event on the internet or on the server, I am not sure). In this event, the participants will be spawned in the air, they will also be accompanied with a parachute. The custom map will have a bunch of obstacles in the air, all the participants have to avoid these objects while falling down. In case a participant hits an obstacle, he/she will die on spot. The ones who manage to avoid the obstacles will be declared the winners (there will be many layers of different types of obstacles to challenge the participants). Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Aquaphobia: In the beginning of this event, this event will be very similar to the 'Airborne' event which I talked about earlier but it comes with a twist. The plane will taxi on the taxiway, after this, the plane will takeoff from the runway. Some seconds after the takeoff, the plane somehow crashes into the ocean, the staff member flying it dies on impact, the participants are now required to somehow swim to the Santa Maria Beach's shore. The first one to do so wins, this is just a basic race event though. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Hide & Seek: In this event, the participants will be spawned at the same place, all of the participants will be 'Hiders' except one of them who will be the 'Seeker'. There will be a specific period of time given to the Hiders so that they are able to find a place and hide there, while this happens, the Seeker's screen will be black so that he/she can't see the Hiders. After the time is over, the Hiders' vehicles will be frozen, the Seeker has to find the Hiders. The one (Hider) who doesn't get caught is declared the winner. The only way the Seeker wins is by finding all of the Hiders. Failure to do so results in, well, failure. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. Breakable: This is my favourite event, it's pretty easy. In this event, the participants spawn at the same place but that place will be a bit different. The participants will be spawned on sheets of glass in the middle of a desert. Every participant has a shotgun and what the participants have to do is shoot the glass so that the other participants fall down and cripple to death. There are usually 4-5 sheets of glass on top of each other, the participants can shoot any of them, it takes around 1-2 shots to break the glass. Commands like /respawn will also be disabled by default. If you think these ideas have already been implemented, I am sorry, I was just sharing my ideas.