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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there. I am going to list some TG 2 improvements which I believe will make the server much better for now (until TG 3 launches), I am going to keep this topic short unlike my previous topic. Note: Some of these suggestions may not be implemented since they require old scripts which might not be available anymore. These suggestions are more of a way to show how the current server can be improved while we wait for TG 3. The suggestions are (these also include bug/glitch fixes): Fix a bug where the anti-AFK warning doesn't go away when the player opens the dashboard and presses F2 to leave the room (there could be other ways to reproduce this bug). Fix a dashboard bug where when a player buys a map and exits the dashboard, the cursor is still present. Fix a bug where you can't join a room after leaving it. Fix a bug where a player is always muted after he/she reconnects (when the player has been unmuted). Fix a bug where the dashboard starts behaving weirdly after it has been opened several times while the login panel is present. Fix the statistics in the Portal. Fix the map buying limit (1 hour is shown as 480 minutes). Fix the notifications (forum followers joining and leaving the server, etc.). Increase the limit of the /flip command to something more realistic like $10,000,000. Increase free map purchases for the donators from 3 to 10 (or any amount you want). Increase the prices of Upgrades, Map Store, etc. Upgrades Refund fee, when an Upgrade is refunded, the player will get only 80% of the money back (the price of the Upgrades needs to be increased for this to work nicely), all of the Skill Points will be refunded. Enable the Map Uploader. Bring the Roulette script back. Bring the Flappy (game) script back. Bring the Anti-Insult script back. Bring the Quiz script back. Bring the Roll script back (same limit as the /flip command). Bring the Spin script back (same limit as the /flip command). Bring the YouTube script back. Include an option to enable and disable the radio in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the car fade feature in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the car hide feature (with some sub-options like: 1. Hide nearby vehicles and 2. Hide all vehicles) in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the map road feature (the one you can enable and disable by pressing the 'i' key to show and hide roads) in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable Anti-Bounce in the dashboard. Include an option to enable and disable the ping warning in the dashboard.
  2. Hello guys, On today's topic we have TG 2.0 hotfix update, sneak peeks of TG 3.0, join requests, a promotion and a new member. TG 2.0 Hotfixes We've realized the experience in our current server is not the best as our focus has been on TG 3.0, we did notice a little lack on our playerbase so therefore we've done some hotfixes to make the experience decent and bug-free again. Sneak Peeks for TG 3.0 I've created a new topic for the old and upcoming sneak peeks, check them out here. (There's new sneak peeks already!) Join Requests That's right, we have opened join requests again although the original plan was to open them once we've launched TG 3.0. Submit your Join requests HERE ! Notice: We are especially looking for skills that help us to speed up the progress of TG 3.0 along with skilled, mature DM/shooter/CTF players for clan wars. So, if you see yourself as an experienced developer, modeler, designer, web developer, or such, start writing a join request! Promotion Who, what? Our social media manager and head designer @Surflexy has been promoted to a Community Manager, he'll be posting the most casual news for you guys from now on and as the rank says; manage the community. Congratulations! New member Last but not least, if you haven't noticed yet, on 25th February we recruited @HyPeX as a trial developer, he actually was helping a lot with the hotfixes, so he already has done some marvelous things. Welcome aboard! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration