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  1. HyPeX

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Congratulations to everyone!
  2. Hello, we've received numerous reports of people having FPS drops while downloading maps with the re-worked download script. What did we discover after testing? We've finally tacked down the issue - maps downloaded with the previous bugged version of the download script are breaking the new system we implemented when downloading. What is it doing? Old files are not being recognized nor replaced while downloaded creating errors and lagging the entire client. Fixing the Bug Now, how do you fix it? There are 2 ways, the lazy and the more-bandwith-saving-one. For the lazy one: Go to your MTA Directory>mods>deathmatch>resources and delete the folder called "load". Rejoin our server and you're good to go. (All maps will be re-downloaded). For the harder one: Whenever you feel a download is killing your FPS more than others (or the download is re-done each time), go to the "load" folder described in previous step, and search the folder with the name of the map that has a bad time downloading and delete it. But, does it fix all fps issues? I tested myself and this seems to be a working way of fixing the issue. However, the script still is old, outdated and unoptimized, so its years away from being a good option for the lower-end PCs of our players, thankfully its going away for TG3.0. Best regards,Twisted Gamers' administration
  3. HyPeX

    Hotfix Update | TG 3.0 | Member Update

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, i'll try my best to make the server great again. Yes thats a joke O/
  4. HyPeX

    [CW] Emp| vs. -|TG|- [ACCEPTED]

    Not a good way to go Krlos. If i were you, i'd revise your actions.
  5. Also, freeze doesnt realeses, either with restore speed or not.
  6. Also, the "click on an object" for selecting a "Corona" (At least only tried with it) doesnt works, i need to add manually the coordenates. (not so important) but just a report.
  7. for me it works. But what keeps me using AMT for loops is the hills..
  8. Can you check this Please? Script: <ActionScript> <Vehiclevelocity Visiblemarker="false" trigger="marker" AS-ID="1" Velocity="0,3,0.3" ConditionalNOTHIT="" ConditionalHIT="1" Markersize="10" Removeafteruse="false" posX="3666.853515625" Markercolor="255,255,255,255" posZ="1758.14990234375" Delay="0" posY="-2817.3291015625"></Vehiclevelocity> <Conditionalmarker Visiblemarker="false" trigger="marker" AS-ID="1" ID="1" ConditionalNOTHIT="" ConditionalHIT="" Markersize="15" Removeafteruse="false" posX="3670.44921875" Markercolor="255,255,255,255" posZ="1690.34609985352" Delay="0" posY="-2466.5932617188"></Conditionalmarker> <Rotate Visiblemarker="false" trigger="marker" AS-ID="1" X-Y-Zrotation="140,0,180" ConditionalNOTHIT="" ConditionalHIT="" Markersize="15" Removeafteruse="false" posX="3670.267578125" Markercolor="255,255,255,255" posZ="561.92102050781" Delay="0" posY="-1809.9140625"></Rotate> </ActionScript>
  9. HyPeX


    Well, its sad. More and more well-known guyz are leaving mta. Its sad since we all do mta. New player will keep coming, but never let change the past, your roots.
  10. HyPeX

    Training server!

    Hardly Surprising :)
  11. HyPeX

    Training server!

    Hey, there arent still ALL maps in TG racing #1 in training.. eg: rafinha v11 and ds xperience arent there..
  12. HyPeX

    Training server!

    common bug with loading coordinates: save it just in hunter, restart map, load it and voila! tt of 0 seconds ;)
  13. works for me. anyway: http://imgur.com/ZvjrX
  14. OMFg.. i say: i cant do a stop after teleport. You say: put a freeze after the teleport. Now I Say: how the hell i do if i cant edit the restore speed?!! Btw, when i select the marker for position, it doesnt gets it, and its needed admin rights for using actionscript. http://k45.kn3.net/9D12DDC9E.png