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  1. Flake

    New era!

    Sooo ... Mondim jumping ship from one dead clan (XIII) to another? 2 clans within 4 weeks must be exciting.
  2. Hey sorry I'm off-topic, hijacking because this is a new active topic, but is there a chance your Minecraft server will ever make a return? Genuinely asking because I'm looking for a server to play.
  3. Flake


    3 years and 3 clanwars lost to us with 9-11. Fourth time's the charm? http://imgur.com/a/jZLVg
  4. Flake

    Members update

    Grats to Tirnano either way! EDIT: Okay, grats to the other 4 as well.
  5. Flake

    General update

    Not all blood is pure though. ;-)
  6. ouyso the great and almighty

  7. The legend of the king of het domme lullen.
  8. I agree on the weather...
  9. Flake


    Yeah Unix was the best thing to happen.
  10. You don't have to be old and/or experienced to lawyer up ;p