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  1. Drugs can sometimes be great for you, but the reality is still at its best 'Thug Life' ..- at the end i came into trouble with the Hells angles who fucked up with my whole family.. Its not cool to be Criminal (but funny) so i get back to my Nerdy life and play games & get stoned sometimes with the good weed. Weed is ok (just my mind)
  2. True :p it takes some more time for me because some shit like: school,visiting police etc (bc of the evil drugs e.e) & social things i MUST do before i get my money & then i can buy the last thing for my PC (Gfx). So i will buy tommorow for now a ps4 & gta 5 .. I will come , but it needs some time - did much shit :D , but i take it Positiv. if i dont do that things i go for 1y in Jail so, better i do it ^^
  3. Ofc i remember my old clan Members :p Thank you :)
  4. Haha Hey my Friend , yea nR was a wonderfull time But hey, we started the Revolution 'Bro' !
  5. Waw, you Beast still playing ! - Will be nice to see u IG you Old Dog still here ! ,Nice to see you dude Heyy GabrieL ! Thanks & We'll see us iG Yow Rage
  6. Hey Hey .. along time ago i played much on TG. Now i come back & i just want to find out, who still know me & which friends i still have here ^^.. Greetz AmoN :)