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  1. Drake°

    [DM] Drake v4 - Homebound

    Thanks yoshi!
  2. Drake°

    Four years

    Tom should have posted this topic, would've made more sense about the history, anyway happy birthday TG!
  3. Hello everyone , Hope everyone is doing good The map is great, although nothing is special, fun to play! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKHC-UFdTLo&feature=youtu.be Song: 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights - Escape (Culture Code Remix) Pm me if you want your map recorded. My skype:suryabw015 Facebook Page Also like/comment and subscribe if you'd like to : ) Give me some feedback too ,it helps me improve! Peace out, Drake.
  4. Drake°

    [DM] Kalepe - vol 10 - Backwards Age II

    Please don't map ever :(
  5. Im leaving for a workshop today , will be back in 5 days !

  6. Drake°

    [DM] CooN V5 - Waterfront

    cooolio bro
  7. Drake°

    Join request results

    Good luck peeps! , damm i should play more , i dont know some of the trials lol.
  8. Summer time on vacation no.2 , will be back soon!

  9. Happy birthday ! Kebab :3 <3

  10. Drake°

    The end of February join requests

    Good luck new people , try and be more active on here too. Sidenote: I have my popcorn ready!
  11. Drake°

    Clans? Clans!

    Im still waiting for that one guy who goes "HEY YOU COPIED IT FROM F.F.S-" anyway if you are planning to comment something like that let me tell you this , go sleep in your tiny box &%*$ face!