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  1. Dropping on the new year, i come to show you a new map where i'm placed too, this time teemed up with greats & experienced mappers like CooL , NoType & SupRime
  2. Dean.

    [DM] KaM! - Old Marsh

    Some parts aren't necessary to be decorated because it ain't seen, anyway good map, you've improve a lot
  3. Dean.

    MTA not working

    Have you tried re-installing MTA? if not then do it, after that it still happening then, check out your gta;sa folder for any issue
  4. Dean.

    [DM] Dark# ft. KaM! - Another Paradise

    I liked the beginning of the map
  5. Hey guys , post your best pics of your coming maps, let's me start
  6. Dean.

    [DM] Ge [C] e # // -_- İSVEÇ MATCH -_-

    It reminds me 2012 maps :)
  7. This is Sparta! Au au au!

  8. Dean.

    Searching for this map (my own map)

    You must ask BriaN , or any other mapcollector. They probably could help you
  9. Dean.

    Learning how to cook

    Hello everyone! Since i began my university career i've been studying many new dishes for feed myself because i do not live with my family right now and i needed to learn how to do it a meal. So today i come to teach you an easy and practical way to cook delicius dishes based on my experience. For make a beginning , i will make a tutorial of how to do Mongolian meat with Arabic rice also this is not so expensive and can save them on special occasions. Let's start , first of all we must get all the ingredients , that i will leave you below Ingredients Quantity Cooking oil (Any kind) 70 cc (70ml) Soy sauce (at ease if you prefer) 100 cc (100ml) Round ( Black beef ) 800 grams (28.2 ounce) Green pepper 60 grams (2.1 ounce) Chives 200 grams (7.05 ounce) Rice (Long grain) 200 grams (7.05 ounce) Boiled water 400 cc (400ml) Curry 2 grams (0.06 ounce) Salt (at ease if you prefer) 1 grams (0.03 ounce) Angel hair pasta 40 grams (1.4 ounce) Steps Cut the meat into long strips of at least 2-3 centimeters Cut the meat into long strips of at least 2-3 centimeters 1.- Cut the meat into long strips of at least 3-5 centimeters 2.- Leave the meat in a bowl with the soy sauce 3.- Cut the Green pepper and chives sliced 4.- Brown the angel hair pasta with not oil (4-7 min) 5.- Heat a bit of Oil with the curry , add the rice , boiled water and the angel hair pasta browned already. Cover and cook for 20-30 mins 6.- Sauté the meat , add green pepper , chives and more soy sauce. Cook until get ready Must see like this I hope you like it and of course i hope you try in your home, you will surprise everyone with this delicius meal. Stay tuned for more of this.
  10. Dean.

    Expose yourself.

    Ayy lmao!
  11. I dunno why it reminds me some maps but i like , maybe some parts might be more cool but seems playable
  12. Dean.

    farewell by DiablO

    Pretty sad see some members leaving but i'd like give you the best wishes and future in mta
  13. Dean.

    [DM] SVeteraN ft. AnUs - Miramar

    Typical SveteraN's map