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  1. MTA sound trouble , anyone?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dean.
    3. Co2


      Yea that's exactly what happened to me, I had to format my pc to fix it

    4. Dean.


      lol really mate? :( fuuuuu :(

  2. Dean.

    [DM] Not The Road Of The Death By GeroX

    Pretty well done! i played today
  3. Y es que mi intención es estar contigo! Hacerlo hasta dejarte sin aliento (8)

  4. Dean.

    [DM] SaR v1 Dream

    In some parts i liked the deco , maybe you may keep that ones around the whole map.
  5. New projects comes with time :)

  6. Dean.

    Another recorder? FFS...

    Great quality! i could suggest you that use another infernus that fit much better with maps :)
  7. Dean.

    The grand opening

    Congratulations ! hype!
  8. Hello everyone , i hope you like :)
  9. Drawdistance , my dream

  10. Bullet seal

  11. Dean.

    SkillPoints & Donator features

    There's another that i've been thinking, but seems fit with an old clan. in the past it was really hard to get points in any server , now are more easily than before
  12. Dean.

    SkillPoints & Donator features

    Well , its was just a suggestion , as i said before , i dunno if this is possible