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  1. second congratulations both @PRODaN and @MisterQuestions
  2. Hello Gerckz! Can you accept my friend request in ur skype? 

  3. Alex1

    BrighT ft. ? - ?

    Amazing decos , map and background song too.
  4. Bye , have a nice time in your life :D
  5. Hello arsal? how are you .. ?

    1. Arsalahmed786


      Good what about you? never seen you such a long time.

    2. Alex1


      Fine. I haven't join mta for 2 months xd.

      I think i could join in the coming days ...

  6. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee! Keep it up bro ! but do you use a skin/shader for the floor , @DaXx ?
  7. Close this topic admins plz
  8. Amazing map and 3d text too , Keep it up both
  9. Gz for the new trials , especially @Boudi :) Gl for @ChroniK Congratulations for the new developers and for Flag's Addiction Team :) And best wishes for TG <3
  10. Alex1

    AlcatrazZ - I D L J

    Nice song , pro map <3 Don't give up !