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  1. mohanad


    i played TG since 2012 and i stop playing in 2014 i was creating maps i created over 100 maps and i have some of them here. since i dont have any of them i want to ask if i can get them(this is a new acc bcs i dont remember the old one) but i have the same pc that i uploaded the maps from if this can help like pc ip or something like ths. i will be so happy if i get them back.(i will add jump files bcs most of them dont have and want to upload them to other server. i know its hard to beileve that its me, im from norway and i have maps with norway names. i hope u understand my status.Thanks :) btw my real name is mohanad
  2. mohanad

    my maps

    hello :) i played mta since 2012 i stop playing in 2014 and now im back and i want to ask if it possibel to get files of my maps here in the server the maps name is [E]agle~