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  1. Refresh

    BrighT ft. ? - ?

    Just amazing decos. really good job and good luck to find someone.
  2. Refresh

    [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    Not bad. Good luck.
  3. Congratulations to the new members.
  4. Refresh

    [DM] Fro ft. #Oxygen - Skills Not Included

    Enjoyable map, really god job (nice song).
  5. Refresh

    [DM] WorldFlower Sky Speed To The Epic World

    Nice map, good job man.
  6. Refresh

    AlcatrazZ - I D L J

    Very nice map, il like the decos style of this map. The record isn't bad, keep it!
  7. Refresh

    Shine - Lost Paradise

    I don't really like these old style maps, but this is not bad.
  8. Refresh

    Rul3zZ ft. ? - Lost Forever

    Nice part, good luck with the map!
  9. Refresh

    Shondex ft. Chipy - Komon

    Really not bad mate, nice map!
  10. Refresh

    [DM] LegioN ft. Esp4wN ft. Mirage - Movements

    Good job, nice map.
  11. Refresh

    [DM] Danx v1 - Nightcall

    Nice map for 1 vol.1. Maybe little easy but in total he makes an good job. Nice quality of recording.
  12. Refresh

    [DM] Ranox Ft. Scream - Unseen Ability

    The map isn't bad, looks nice. Maybe the next time remove the bottons from the interface before starting recording ;)
  13. Really nice map, good job guys!
  14. Good job Daxx, and I don't know..but I'm prefer this spolier :)
  15. Refresh

    Peace, It's me AbedY.

    Welcome here.