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  1. You too never forget TG ah?
  2. Refresh

    BrighT ft. ? - ?

    Just amazing decos. really good job and good luck to find someone.
  3. Refresh

    [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    Not bad. Good luck.
  4. Enjoyable map, really god job (nice song).
  5. Very nice map, il like the decos style of this map. The record isn't bad, keep it!
  6. I don't really like these old style maps, but this is not bad.
  7. Nice part, good luck with the map!
  8. Really not bad mate, nice map!
  9. Nice map for 1 vol.1. Maybe little easy but in total he makes an good job. Nice quality of recording.
  10. The map isn't bad, looks nice. Maybe the next time remove the bottons from the interface before starting recording ;)
  11. Good job Daxx, and I don't know..but I'm prefer this spolier :)