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  1. Greetings Twisted Gamers, I`m AbedY, And i would like to introduce my self! Enjoy :) Who am i? I am Abed Hojerat - a 13 years old guy resident of a beautiful little Village " Ber Al-Maksur ", Israel. I am known as Ab3dY in MTA world. Well, My real name is Abed, People used to call me Aboode, I was born in the 14th of April 2004, I was born in Hifa, I`m currently living in Israel, In a small and cool village called Ber-Al maksur, My hobbies are Swimming and playing football, I do like to play online games with my friends, Also i do like to go out side with my friends, Also, I`m in a football team named " Makabi Ber-Almaksur ", I'm a normal guy who wakes up at 7 PM, And goes to school!, I usually spend the mostly of my free time with playing the Online games, Also with playing football so hard. MTA CAREER: Well, my MTA career started in 2013, when I got invited by some friends to play with them, and everything started in a freeroam server called "Tokyo Drift". It was a long journey in that server, but after 2 months, I got pretty bored of it, so I was seeking for something new for my career. So an old friend of mine invited me to "For &%*$ Sake". When I first started playing there, I started playing in the PTP room, but few months later, got bored once again, and switched to a different gamemode, and that one was shooter. As a newbie, I didn't know exactly the meaning of shooter, or how to fully handle it, until my cousin, who was actually good enough in that gamemode, taught me how to control it, and day by day, I was getting better. I actually spent a lot of time on that gamemode, it was around 6 or 7 months. But it all ended, when me and my cousin did a terrible mistake, and that was sharing accounts, and that's how we ended up banned. After that "tragedy", a friend of mine invited me to a server called "3lite Racers". After spendig some time playing shooter on their server, I got pretty bored of shooter, so I decided to move to Deathmatch. Same as in shooter, I was just another random newbie, but I enjoyed playing that gamemode, so I realized that I found my place, and started training everyday, until I fully got used to it, and actually became pretty good, and since then, I never stopped playing Deathmatch. Two years later, I had the courage to apply for 3R, and I actually got accepted, for me it was unreal, because it was my first official clan, and after spending so much time on their server, I achieved my first MTA goal, to join them. Two months later, I had some life issues, which drove me to a kick, because pretty much, I was inactive. After I came back, I decided to move to another community, somewhere where I could improve my skills, and that was in ER. In ER I actually trained more in Hunter, where I spend around 7 months playing, and that's where I met a clan called "FaZe", clan which I actually managed to join. Four weeks later, a TfF member told me that FaZe stole TfF's hunter mode, which made me actually sad, and angry about FaZe at the same time, so I decided to leave. Time passed, so I decided to open my own clan, and I named it "The Warrior Country", sadly, 2 months later, I closed it, and I joined a clan called "Sound of Victory", but another clan, another failure, the clan closed.After this, I met BZRK, which had a clan called "Diamonds of Master", and I decided to join him, but it wasn't enough for me. So I decided to try something harder, and that was |-XpR-|, but then I realized, that it's not on my level, yet. A week later, my computer had some issues, so once again, I became inactive. After this, I triedto join " B# - Project Beast ", But after waiting i canceled it. Then I came back to ER, I saw few members from " |-nTL-| - Nothing To Lose " , I played with them for 2 hours and we actually got along pretty fast, so I decided to apply, a week later, I had the chance to join them. I was a member there for about 2 weeks, but as it was time for exams, I became pretty inactive, because I had to study. After 2 weeks I came back to MTA, But I didn't came back to nTL, and then, I got invited to " W\* - Wanderers " , so i applied for them, and I got accepted by DLF. It was a funny times, and I played a Clanwar with them, versus -|TG|- It was a clean and enjoyable cw, after that I got the chance to manage the DD Squad, I was glad for this offer, But I left , So me and my old friends decided to open a new clan, a new family, we named it*" F# - &%*$ The World ", but 2 months later, I left, and i kept playing in " TfF - The Favoured Few. Some time passed, I met an old friend, He Re-Opened AiR, And he invited me, It was a good team, I played my first clan war with them, Against SHC, It was a hard clan war, Also I really enjoyed playing against them, But after few weeks, I left, I went inactive, But I came back so early, And then i saw that fts is Re-Opened, And i wanted to help them, I joined them, And made their logo, It was one of my best experiences as a designer, And I`m currently in fts also known as "&%*$ the System", (Re-opened) Previous Clans: 3R| | 3liteRacers |-nTL-| | Nothing To Lose F# | F*ck The World /AiR\ | Awesome In Races Sincerely Yours, AbedY. SEE YOU INGAME! :).
  2. Hello Twisted Gamers Community! :) My name is Abed & Aboode & Bwda!, Im stable in israel because of the war, Sexual male, Im a new one in TG! I like to find out another servers to make a new friends! :) And im sooo happy because i came to another community! :) My Cousin Snowchi a.k.a ArentYou introduc me into TG! And Once again Hello to every one :) Here's My Vedios! :) Enjoy Watching, Don't forgot to subscribe :) Greatings! AbedY! :)