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  1. Hello, since Megadreams and TonyxO got banned in-game because certain people doesn't value their members, I've decided that i'll never play on TG either. I'll leave MTA after I first take out the trash.
  2. We may be clanless now but we'll still make epic shit together.

  3. Good luck, Arezu!

  4. You were and still are our legend m8.

    1. DaXx
    2. Megadreams


      Shut up whoever you are. He did not scam anyone. Scamming is not the same as for example leaking scripts or so. Get back to your shitty FFS.

  5. Good Luck, Arezu, we'll miss you ♥

  6. Good bye Arezu I will miss you :rolleyes:

  7. :wub:

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    2. Cathrine


      im gonna miss u Arezu :/

    3. GaM.
    4. Sora


      Can't believe it, it's so sad to hear that you're not going to be in tg anymore :sad:

  8. I only know my friends last name is ottoman
  9. why watch amv's when you can watch the animes instead
  10. 1. Close MTA SA if you have it running. 2. Go to your local resources folder (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources) 3. Delete everything inside that folder, start MTA SA and enter TG server before entering any other server
  11. Arezu

    Bar bug ?

    Some TG player probably killed them, even though it shouldn't be possible to kill them.
  12. In the donator page, if you didn't change amount from 5 euro, it said the wrong amount of in-game cash you would get. Donate by paypal instead of sms if possible because sms has huge fees; around 50 to ~75%.

    1. Unix


      Even though it said the wrong about on the main page, it would have given you the right amount ingame. The donator page has been updated with the new information about the SMS fees that we get charged (and PayPal javascript fixed)