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  1. gracias papuu te gusta? xd ya empece a trabajar en el v5 <3
  2. hey guys this is my v4 I hope you enjoy <3 Skype: tenshomta
  3. i need a scripter DM.

    Skype: tenshomta

  4. dat trials only gerox and noise pros

    1. GeroX


      Thanks dude. But eh, trust me every trial is qualified in Twisted Gamers, i tell you what i see.

    2. Thomas
  5. PrayTarkaan :'c justo te vengo a conocer en tus ultimos dias de juego :'c'

  6. do not leave the server please this very lag :/

  7. TenshO' 4.0 coming soon ! :OOO

  8. you're right, I do not really thought from that point of view
  9. my idea is to make a clan, (donors), (Twisted Gamers), for which we have good reputation, and we have more chance that at some point we may be TG clans like "Beast Mode", "Igor's Family" and "bunch of assholes" has members with many opportunities to be part of the clan. I think this would have many beneficios, would facilitate in jr and TG members would know that the players of this clan are the most active players served. this clan will be created by the TG members, they have the power to recruit and expel members, the clan will not have the power of the "donors" only differed from the other members, something that the players "elite" this idea is to entertain the more senior players and incentivar to continue playing on this server.
  10. TenshO

    Ft Request

    ​xDDDDDDDDDDDDD awesome maps