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  1. Thank you Guys :) i Appriciate that Friendly welcome :D and i wish we will have fun together IG^^
  2. thank you Guys :) hope to see ya IG ^^
  3. nice mod, Good job @DaXx and thanks for releasing it @V1SH4L :) btw, can you give me a DL for that Nitro mod?
  4. Hey there! I'm going to introduce myself. My real name is Ahmed, MaRtiiN is my nickname(obv), I'm close to 16 years old living in 6 October city(Egypt). My hobbies are 'Nothing' just always tried to be a Good guy(but i have boring life tbh). I've started to play mta at 2013 but i went inactive because i used to Play at New Dawn(Race DM). I just discovered that SA-MP is all about loads of Bugs so i came back to MTA since 2 months(i Guess) and I saw how most of MTA servers has Awesome Game modes which is new and its unPlayable on SA-MP. I hope i will enjoy my stay here