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  1. -HangoveR-

    The end

    Sad to hear that. I grew up while playing in this community since the very beginning. Big shoutout to the friends I met here that are an undeniably part of some of the best memories that I have of my teen years. Every journey has an end, and this journey has been a beatiful one. Cya, Twisted Gamers.
  2. If I had to choose one member who represents TG the most, it would be you. You're a fantastic person and the one who I looked up to. Hopefully, we will keep in touch. I wish you all the best in your real life. Goodbye Vish and thanks for all.
  3. Spanish, English, Portuguese and some Italian.
  4. Porfavor vuelve a jugar :c <3

    1. -HangoveR-
    2. xNoMercy


      qe entres en ffs algunos dias para jugarmos, te echo mano :happy:

    3. -HangoveR-


      jajaja lo haré, descuida!

  5. GMC, playing as a |s3x| with ClaudiO, DenYs, 1nst1ct...
  6. Were you? Ehem, ClaudiO, 1nst1ct, Workgame, sBy, gDr, Hetero...
  7. Congratulations guys, especially Zeist and Cumb1er0 (I never really talked with the others). Try to do your best!
  8. Hey guys. Yes, I'm leaving. I started playing this game back in 2008 on a server called GMC. At that time, I was just a 12-year old boy playing a computer game, ignoring everything around. A few years later TG was born. I've been playing here since the first minute, fact that makes me feel really proud of. I have been loyal to this community when times were good, but also when they were bad. Today, however, I have to say that I won't continue playing. I'm not a guy who likes video games. However, MTA has been an exception. I've played a lot longer than I had ever imagined. I made friendships that I hope to keep and to have a beer when I travel around Europe (and the world ). I want to thank this wonderful community, and especially members of TG, which gave me the opportunity to be part of this community despite not being a special player (I'm not a pro player, I'm not a mapper, I'm not a scripter...). I will remember with special fondness my Old School room, where I think that I've spent more time than with my family, obviously joking hehe. My road doesn't end here, I have new goals to accomplish. I will visit you from time to time. I wish you all the best, you really deserve it. Thank you all for the moments lived here. I will miss you. Love always, Hangover out.
  9. Hey, I am looking for a team. I'm a good boy. skype: hangover.spanish Cheers!
  10. Good choices. Congratulations guys, especially Danx and ChroniK. Thanks for everything you did for this community, Unix. Also Mega, Arezu and Rointep. Greatness. Vishal
  11. The match between fano and me isn't bad at all Good luck guys!