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  1. Earn the most kills in Shooter arena. Earn the most kills in DD arena. Earn the most toptimes in DM arena. Earn the most hits in DD arena. Earn the most toptimes in Race arena. Earn highest playtime on the server. (Lobby is also allowed) Earn the most hunters in DM arena. Earn the most kills in Hunter arena. Play the most maps. Earn the most wins in CTF arena. Earn the most money. Earn the most points. For 1 year, it could be good.
  2. Hello everyone, it's been almost 10 years what I play this game. Few weeks ago I decided to end with this game. I am visiting university and I have no mood and time to play after all. MTA gave me a lot. Funny moments, memories, new friends and much more than my english teacher in school. It was honor for me to be in TG and part of this amazing community. Membership was my dream for many years. I wish you best of progress with the server and stuff related. Special thanks goes to my friends who will never be forgotten: @M4RT1N @Roach. @GeroX @LookaT @Madlife @NesoN @Mazda @fano23 @Jmick (maybe I forgot to mention someone). I wish you many achievements and luck in your MTA careers! Thanks for all guys..
  3. yo what is 2FA code?

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      are you fekin wot mate?

  4. I want to finish it
  5. dreaming to the beat..

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      dreaming to nolife.

  6. Thanks for all, who voted for me and supported me for whole time, especially for: @Mazda, @PRODaN, @fano23 and @GeroX! I won't dissapoint anyone! In the near future, can each of you, expect my main goals as I announced in my join request. Second of all, I'd like to congratulate @Paranoid and @NoType for your great patience and loyalty. I'm very happy, that both of you joined with me to this famous clan. Hope for a great cooperation, with upcoming tournaments or clanwars and stuff related. Thank you so much for this chance once again!
  7. When your JR has more likes than your profile picture on facebook. :579dcf9f7bb44_EmojiSmiley-21:

  8. Accept this guy already @Tommeh

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      I'll keep that in mind.

  9. Great, great and great. I am amazed, but what about my own theme surf? #huehue.
  10. hi friend

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      hi friends