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  1. Doxiu#BM says hello :)

    Hi piotr,enjoy your stay there,you seem to be a very friendly and skilled person ^^
  2. Raikkonen/ImpacT Introduction

    i used to play in xiii too but no i m not that guy :)
  3. Hi whats up fellas,i m going to do my very first introduction which i'm not getting used to do but whatever. My name is Giannis,im 17 years old and i m living in greece,thessaloniki.My old nicknames were ByDJWesC / ImpacT and now K.Raikkonen,as you might see from the name ( I m f1 lover and specially ferrari (: ) I m playing this game since 2009 or so,my first server was a turkish one ( ),anyways i m not gonna write much,i have been in couple of teams,i m a DM ( WFF ) based player and i still enjoy playing this game after all these years.My past clans were >VIP< , 3R// , -EPC- , EAG| , AsR// and some more which i cannot remember.See ya in game and have fun reading my introduction xD.
  4. [DM]LaZZ -v6- Deep into The Cavern's Exit

    very nice map and record,you re keep improving.