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  1. Mazda

    The end

    I will never forget TG. Those were the best times I spent on this game. It has been a huge honor to be part of its history
  2. I got a new Discord acccount.

    If anyone of you wants to add me : Mazda#8629

  3. Honestly I dislike it, doesn't look like a bar at all
  4. talks about patience joins on 01.01.2018 (ironic)
  5. Happy Easter to those who celebrate by Twisted Gamers!

    1. Trend


      you too Dom!

    2. Mousy


      You too Dom <3

  6. I just wanted to thank everyone who stayed with us till now. You won't be disappointed
  7. Mazda

    Happy 2018!

    Happy new year everyone!
  8. First of all, great news Dan, well written! I would like to congratulate @Boudi @pieT and @-Leon- for joining us as developers, I'm sure you will do great things. Plus, I wanted to congratulate my old friend @Mousy for taking my place as a Shooter manager, you are the best choice and I know you can handle this role perfectly. About the CTF tournament, gz FA (2pros) :c ( @Mecha you were great!) ah, we will never die. #hype #tg3.0 #wearecoming