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  1. Some German guy was faking you yesterday. Just saying. :) (Banned him btw)

  2. This one is better than your previous.
  3. You know, I'm uploading every map of mine...
  4. v18 - In the beginning of this month.
  5. Looks cool, KacaK, don't ruin it.
  6. Have noticed some my style yeah, but in the next one I've used another one :)
  7. Don't show us so much, just one part, copycats everywhere...
  8. Micra

    Members update!

    Breaker wasn't in TG before. Rofl. Also sad, you making a fun of any clan, but I know that you have never made a such thing about TG, that's a lie.
  9. Micra

    Members update!

    Lycosa, you didn't see a reason and didn't even read that Syntex wrote.
  10. Micra

    Members update!

    Gratz everyone, who finnaly get that...