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  1. I don't want to make fun or sound rude but the only anime I like is hentai. Because of censorship. And I saw enough to know where this is going you perv. :))
  2. that escalated quickly.
  3. Faster than Eminem's -Rap God-

  4. San Andreas for android, the greatest and largest open world game since android has launched.

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    2. Hetero


      Nope budya. downloaded it for free from Zeusmos.

    3. Drake°


      Downloaded it for free from tonbu @budya

    4. Drake°


      Quite easier than on android where you have to have all the hassle with apk files , i had to do everything manually for my one x

  5. Tired of peeling bananas? Why not watch this tut about how to eat six whole bananas without peeling them.

  6. We all have had enough of Google+ https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form#share. SPREAD THE WORD. RE-COPY AND PASTE IT. WE JUST NEED IT TO GET 150,000 SIGNS.

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    2. POWnED


      @Selvis Bob is my brotha and he started a warr against google+

    3. POWnED


      At least Pewdie uses other ways for comments that meaning he hates this peanutbuttercrap too.

    4. BuDyA


      Google is google. They can do anything and you will still use it.

  7. We (men) choose to play as female characters in games just because we are G.I.R.L. (Gentlemen In Real Life).

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    2. Selvis
    3. Arezu


      because budya likes to check out male asses

    4. BuDyA


      No its just more realistic. I dont believe that 40 kg girl can own 250 kg man in saints row 3 for example

  8. I don't know why COD fanatics fight against BF fanatics lol... Say thanks God giving you the opportunity to be able to choose between high-end games. If I just could run GTA IV I would be so happy you pathetics >.>