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  1. Deidara.

    The end

    Even though the server was pretty much empty for the past couple of years and I knew there would be, sadly, no chance of it to get back, I still can't believe it is closing. As a player who played on it and who has been part of this community since the beginning, it's really sad seeing it has come to an end. I can say, without any doubt, that the time I spent on this server and in this community was, by far, the best of all (talking about my gaming experiences). There were moments I will surely never forget. I would like to thank all my friends I played with in here and for the memories we made together.
  2. Thank you for the kind words, Sudoku ( @nuevo89 ). You've always been one of the reasons I've kept playing on TG. @Danx As for the competition winners, that's not very nice. Anyway, even though you said you won't be rewarding anyone, I can for sure tell you that I was a winner of different categories (DM maps played, total hunters reached etc.), but only one prize was rewarded per player. Plus, one prize that I, along with @Division and @Canky, must be given, is the one from the TG's Oldschool tournament, where I was the 2nd, @Canky the 3rd, and with @Division winning it. These prizes, unlike the other ones, can be checked. The topic is still there and the matches are on Impzy's (Moved to TG's) youtube channel.
  3. I hope number 9 is actually me. Edit: Thanks for editing that. It's clear now who number 9 is. xd
  4. probably nobody will mind if I post some of my csgo videos here xd + 1 little flick
  5. Nope, I didn't. I told my friends too of course and on of them found this: It's pretty similar to what I saw considering I was, as it says there, moving from one locality to another and it was night as well. Hopefully neither me or any of my family members is going to die. xd
  6. No, man, I'm not. lol
  7. So something happened to me about 3 hours ago. It is the second time it happens, the first time it happened, I just didn't care about it, I thought I didn't see it clearly and just ignored it. The reason why I post this is to know if anyone of you has experienced something like this or if you have an idea of what this could be/mean. So I was on my bike going home (it was like 12:30 AM). I am currently at my grandparents and I go almost everyday to the city where I actually live, to hang out with my friends. It takes me about 15 minutes to get in the city, so I enjoy going there and coming back here with my bike since it's summer and the weather is pretty hot here. And on this road, there is a field. It is pretty long, about 1km, but it's a straight road and it also have a lot of lampposts. And I was just riding my bike when I suddenly saw something at my left, but like about 10-15 meters away. What I'm about to tell you happened in less than a second. I turned my head towards that thing and I saw like a shadow dog. But like a really big one, but pretty skinny though. It was standing with the body towards another direction, I mean I could see its profile, like from a side view, but he had its head towards me. I wasn't able to see its eyes or mouth or anything on its face, it was full black. The thing is, as soon as I looked at it, he just immediately ran towards the direction of where its body was standing, but that was extremely fast, overly fast. And after it had dissapeared, it left behind like another shadow of its body, like a vague image of it. Like when you see something moving really fast and you are not able to see the object cleary, but blurry. I don't really know how to explain that, I will just leave below a picture alike. Besides just not being able to explain what that was, another thing I can't explain is the way he ran away, that speed. Here's the picture. I tried to circle those parts that I had seen before he completely dissapeared and after he ran away:
  8. I wasn't going to reset it anyway. Never did that on any of my phones. Thank you for the help.
  9. Lol, this shit I got is 10 times better than any iPhone. I wouldn't use an iPhone even if it was the only phone you could buy.
  10. @Canky No, I don't watch porn on it. The ad doesn't show up anymore anyway, don't know what I did. Hopefully it will stay as it is now. @SquoniX Thanks. Yeah, maybe xD
  11. So I just got a new phone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. Everything worked perfectly on it, no lags on anything or something like that, a perfect phone I would say for just about 150 euros. But that until today. I suddenly noticed a new app installed on it with a porn picture. Didn't want to check it so I immediately uninstalled it. But I actually haven't got rid of it. Almost everytime I unlock the phone, I'm getting a shitty ad on the screen and I have no idea how to get rid of it. The worse part is that sometimes I get porn ads. And if I touch it, it redirects me on a porn site lol. I've been searching on google about this problem, there are many people having this problem, but I just couldn't figure it out how to remove that shit. Any suggestions? Below is a pic with the ad that shows up most of the times.
  12. Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure that what @Mecha said is right. Thanks xd But there's one more picture I would like to know what represents. This one is, at least in my opinion, much harder to "decipher" xd
  13. Thanks for leaving here his Facebook page, @SquoniX. Nevertheless, I will try to search the meaning of the other pics. From what I've seen, Cameron's pictures are about earth and nature. Hopefully there's someone in this community who's got a little knowledge about this kind of stuff so I won't spend too much time on searching by myself xd