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  1. I saw it befor long time ago but i hade problem playing MTA so now i solvd my problem but when i join today at 15:45 Bulgarian Time i saw im still donator and i know my donator expired long time ago ther is a bug like befor so now server lose money because of that bug some of the players that are donators are still not talking for this but i can't shut my mouth so if you TG guys didnt see it check it now. Proof from Forum im still a Donator: 1. On the firest pic you can see im not a donator: https://imgur.com/KF702M2 2. On the second pic you can see in forum sayds im a Donator: https://imgur.com/LPggG99 And in game i see myself as a donator but im not!
  2. F3eDmE

    ft request

    Nice map +1
  3. The map and the edit are amazing good work +1 from me <3
  4. The edit and the map are amazing good job for everyting +1
  5. Great map its have a parts from old school and new school dm its very amazing god job for the record and btw if you add to the skin of infernus dark green color will be more good :) just saying :)
  6. The map looks rly cool i will love to true it good work +1
  7. Amazing map i love it +1 for the work and record !
  8. Its really good but if you add more effects like lights will be more and more good +1 for the record.
  9. Amazing map +1 good job with the record !
  10. How much people use the name "Shardex" ?
  11. Cool map but if you add more effects on the video i think it will be more cool then ever +1 btw
  12. Ye really the map is good but this Relax is fake everyone know's the real Relax from FOTL and his channel: - https://www.youtube.com/user/relaxmta he is the best in everyting