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  1. Ron ❤ miss ya :(

  2. Ron1

    News 17.04.16

    Gratz Default437 :) Have fun there!
  3. Ron1

    Fusion - Twisted Crew (April Fools)

    Let's write a new history together ;)
  4. Ron1

    [DM]Jawed ft. BrighT - Impressive Sunset

    Still don't like this style
  5. Ron1

    Chipy - GREEN

    Cool idea, but track is boring :X
  6. Ron1

    Miketz - v7 - Mirth II

    Cool track and deco. I really like this deco style. Well done!
  7. Ron1

    sR# vs |TG|

    Well done!
  8. Hello. My nick is Ron1, i'm playing mta since 2008/2009. I have been in VIP, WTF, TC, blablabla... Now i live in student's hostel(that's why i'm inactive). I'm always drunk(that's why everybody calls me a "Drunk ninja" in cws). Also I'm a lazyass mapper. That's all i wanted to tell to you. Cya in server!
  9. Ron1

    Best shooter players

    Ron1, Str1kez, Xzibit, Deadline and Prodo(Champions of EPG's shooter tournement)
  10. Impossible to play with hostel's wifi :X Cya in weekends!

  11. Ron1

    Best oldschool player DM

    BaTTaNiiK, Boikot and ClarK!