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  1. NitroN

    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

    I made a old/new map!
  2. Issues as in &%*$ tg 3.0 we gonna skip it and make 4.0?

    1. DiatroN



  3. What is going on guys! ESKADIVI or better yet Sk2 is back with a next installment in the Parachute series, this map is definitely WFF material! Track is so awesome, so nice to drive. It really feels like Sk2 is Cosa_Nostra's little brother, or vice versa depends on which maps you like! This time Sk2 has asked RoNNiE to join the feat and really give this map everything that it deserves. Fun fact about the edit, the folder containing the content about the edit is 28,8 GB big. Sk2 ft. RoNNiE - Parachute 3 1080P60FPS is advised. Mods used: Infernus Lights i8 Requested by Slimmy ~Nitroshi
  4. What is going on guys! You might have seen a part of this map before that's because I made a video about a feat request from KnOwN. He found 2 really well fitting partners that are really a great addition to this map! KnOwN ft. V1SH4L ft. ReazZon - Legendary Path 1440P60FPS is advised. Mods used: Infernus Lights ~Nitroshi
  5. NitroN

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Congrats No1se and Intrelex!
  6. What is going on guys! Zebra teams up with Miketz to create this amazing OS stylish speed map. This map is THE reason for me to still play MTA in DM Alpha. (&%*$ you Invisible wall/fence shit creators!) Keep these coming guys! ps. This edit is a throwback to my old edits on my previous channel. With the old NTV intro from 2011, this was specially requested by Zebra. Zebra ft. Miketz - Emotional 1440P60FPS is advised. Credits to BapE for the 6s intro! Songs: E-dubble - Simple (Freestyle Friday #10) E-dubble - Animal (Freestyle Friday #26) ~Yoshi
  7. NitroN

    Wall of shame - 'Hackers' edition

    Oke just wanna point this out, yoshixd-mta is NOT me.
  8. NitroN

    [DM] Cookie v14 - Enchanted

    What is going on guys! Cookie and I have been friends for a very long time now but I've never actually recorded a map for him so lets give Cookie a warm welcome to my channel with this phenomenal map that he created. A great mixture of Cookie's own ideas inspired by Gus is what makes this map so special! Cookie v14 - Enchanted 1440P60FPS is advised. Songs: Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Zatox Hardstyle Remix) ps. Thanks to RiseR for letting me use his server! ~Yoshi
  9. NitroN

    [DM] TenTimes v7 - Reborn

    What is going on guys! Let's give TenTimes a warm welcome to this channel with this incredibly hard map, it's full of new stuff and really well executed. I've never really recorded a hard map myself so this was something new! TenTimes v7 - Reborn 1440P60FPS is advised. Songs: Negro Work Songs- No More, My Lawd H3Ctic - No More (Cover) ~Yoshi
  10. NitroN

    [DM] Zebra - Opus 3

    What is going on guys! Zebra's back with his ongoing popular series "Opus". This is already the third installment in about 6 months! And it's getting better and better! This record is the very last one from my old pc, just to honor it :') Zebra - Opus 3 720Prip60FPS is advised. Songs: The Eden Project - Drowning T & Sugah - Stardust (ft. Miyoki) (T & Sugah & NCT Remix) ~Yoshi
  11. What is going on guys! Is that PAwlo??! Yes that's PAwlo with a very old map he made together with DeAdAnGeL, continued by NitroN and finished by Alcatraz with Zebra. I still have so much love for these Enjoy and subscribe for more! This record is from my old pc, just to honor it :') PAwlo ft. DeAdAnGeL ft. NitroN. ft Alcatraz & Zebra - X-Massive 720Prip60FPS is advised. Song: ENiGMA Dubz - You Make Me Feel ~Yoshi
  12. NitroN

    [DM] CresheZ v5 - Happy End

    What is going on guys! CresheZ is leaving MTA for good and he's celebrating this sad moment with this beautifully map. In honor to his girlfriend Patricia. Hopefully you will come back one day John! Enjoy and subscribe for more! CresheZ v5 - Happy End 1440P60FPS is advised. Song: MÖWE - Birds Flying High ~Yoshi Download[DM]
  13. What is going on guys! Do you have 5 minutes? Great check out this new video I made on my new PC! With the success of the first Impel Down with reaching 50.000 views, we are back to bring the next installment in this "ongoing" series. This time we brought BriaN aboard to bring some fresh ideas. Also a big THANK YOU to Micra to help with the decoration on some parts! Enjoy and subscribe for more! NitroN ft. Sealine ft. BriaN - Impel Down 2 1440P60FPS is advised. Song: Mike Stud - College Humor, Pt. 2 ~Yoshi
  14. What is going on guys! This map is a perfect combination of a great track to drive and some majestic decoration. Like Zebra I always wanted to record a map from CooL Song: Night Lovell - Fraud ~Yoshi