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  1. JaviXx

    Good support of admins members

    You don't have better arguments than saying everytime same shit? I'll repeat, watch the fucking console, it happend 2 days before and use google translate. Too much arrogants in TG Staff omg. EXACTLY WHAT HAPPEND? THIS: I was in DM with manuu, krew and that arrogant tg member, Manuu started saying shit about me with your arrogant mate. Ikr manuu was jking but the other i hadn't idea if he was srsly or not. One day after i understood he was srsly bcs i said to him same shit and i got muted. Why he didn't muted to manuu? Why he didn't said what i said was bad for him? INSTAMUTE. Understand this shit and stop defending your mates if you don't have fking idea omg. Read that brazilian, use google translate lol. or are u scared? Pd, i wont edit it, i'll delete it better. And im just blaming to all tg staff members who does bad his job like your arrogant mate ;). Identify who wants.
  2. JaviXx

    Good support of admins members

    As i said: im not the only one who says some tg members does bad their job. I've arguments and i'll repeat it, TAKE THE CONSOLE and watch it dude, ez pz. I don't have screenshots about what he told me but anyways you wouldn't understand bcs was in spanish so... but i didn't take sc bcs i thought we were joking lol and he didn't say anything about ''i dont like what u told me'' instant mute. ^^ Yeah, Macks got banned by ''HACKS'' wtf dude, that's funny af. Poor tg members
  3. JaviXx

    Good support of admins members

    So easy, just understand this: Why i must post a pic? MaNuU and krew were watching. Why they don't know how to be admin? easy lol, just look to your mate. Y'all have console to watch what he said and what i said. No sense why? i saw that last night your mate what said and more people. Discredit arguments of normal member lol. And why i shouldn't back to sv? I have played there since 2012 and i'll still playing it. Unless y'all banned me without reason like when i got muted. +Use google translate please ^^
  4. JaviXx

    Good support of admins members

    1- He started with a friend so i did same NEXT DAY. So, who did bad first? he or me? don't be arrogant lol. 2- ik hastags doesnt work it just kidding dude. Pd: there's no reason, i got muted because in tg members are much kids that doesnt know how to be an ADMIN. So dont bet. Don't talk shit if you don't know nothing. I just talked in global with some friends who are brazilians and southamericans in english or in spanish/portuguese(brazilian) and now tell me, i'm the only one who did bad or what? not rly. Just blaming me, so profesional yeah dude. I repeat, lot of people say ''TG Staff Member'' don't do good their job so first look at that... Maybe it's because it's true.(?
  5. JaviXx

    Good support of admins members

    +1 @Surflexy viado
  6. There are lot of people who thinks i am not old member.  ツ




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      Danx nice paint dashhdhsa jk. I must be TG <3 jkx2. (not rly)


      viadinho shhh

  7. So, what we must wait about TG members? When you got muted by TG member just by a funny comment. If he does not like that comment would give me warn but noth, he just wanted give mute, logic af. - #goodadmins #sarcasm <3 Pd: ye, still muted without reason. // 26/12/17 (unmuted)
  8. JaviXx

    Having fun in Freeroam

    PRAH STUNTERSDANCERS ON BMX. -JavieR -Subz -Dulce (Marks)
  9. JaviXx

    Moles, lol <3.