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  1. Unix

    happy topic

    TG3 is a lie, so Onyx is a lie
  2. Unix

    IPS, pls

    IPB comes with default restrictions, TGs forum installation is kinda weird and always has been since it was originally installed, things happen on this forum where they don't else where.
  3. Servers are back online, Unix to the rescue..

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    2. DarkyZ


      Unix " I'm leaving " 

      Tommeh" oh shet, k nvm I can handle it."

      Next day server down...

      Tommeh " UNIX we miss you "

      Unix " shhh I'm here "

      I know this ain't gona be liked anyway, but &%*$ sake it's true.

    3. DiatroN


      Donator Unıx :3

  4. NK

    Preps plssssss donator

  5. NK



  6. Fixed the bug that allowed you to change Forum display names. However, you can't change forum member ID, only ingame display name /nick.
  7. Unix

    News 17.04.16

    Congratulations and good luck!
  8. Hello, I'm going to be honest from the start, I have lost motivation in MTA a long time ago, I have said that after TG 3 I will be leaving, TG 3 is almost here (get ready! it will get launched this time!). We all know about the failure of the TG 3.0 launch on the 1st March this year, this was the first date we ever set for the launch and we missed it due to a bug that was caused with a major change earlier that day. However, I am pleased to say that this bug has been fixed and TG 3.0 is ready to be released if necessary without the user panel. Expect TG 3.0 to be launched soon. I wish Twisted Gamers the best of luck and every member TG has. Possibly see you at JC3MP, Over & Out P.S Vishal 4 Leader!
  9. Hello, thanks for the suggestion, the Portal button is now available on both mobile and desktop versions of the forums.
  10. We are currently generating an announcement, stay tuned!

    1. Megadreams


      Not writing but generating. Next level developer shit.

    2. On-Air


      Just like Microsoft's AI


    3. Unix



  11. I'm personally sorry for the disappointment we have caused today, honestly TG 3.0 was ready to release in the state we posted above. An hour before the launch we decided to do some final testing to make sure everything is working the way it should do, this is where we found a few bugs which we actually fixed. Something crazy happened to a specific core resource that we attempted to fix over the last two hours so we could launch, but we didn’t manage to do so. Instead of making you wait even longer we have decided that it is best to postpone the launch for the time being, over the next few days we will be fixing this problem and increasing our testing procedures to make sure this does not happen the next time we decide to launch (very soon). We will be ready.
  12. 4 more hours!

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    2. Lehelms


      Unfortunately I can't be there

    3. Cheslav


      I'll be there but I can't play too much, it'll be 9pm

    4. Pedrin


      mfw i woke up early to play in the 3.0 and unix said i had to wait 4 hours



  13. We are currently being DDOSed daily, we are looking into this.

    1. Thomas


      It did to everyone @Dizzaster when he posted this status everyone was getting timed out

    2. Cheslav


      It happened last night when I was mapping in CresPro's server. It was downloading so slowly.

    3. Botond


      I seriously hate DDoSers. Why is it good for them to DDoS a server? Perhaps they're bored and they have no idea what to do..