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  1. NoType

    [DM] Sendy Vol.12 - Hideaway

    alright, no problem! Good luck with your future mapping projects :)
  2. NoType

    [DM] Sendy Vol.12 - Hideaway

    the map is decent but the recording is horrible..
  3. NoType

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Welcome ZneebT. I hope you enjoy your stay here
  4. NoType

    I'm sorry guys, #Krew is out.

    Take care buddy! I wish you the best of luck in the future!
  5. NoType

    First steps, again

    welcome! enjoy your stay (:
  6. NoType


    Welcome man, enjoy your stay (:
  7. NoType

    [DM] GeroX ft. ??? - ???

    nice part man, goodluck in finding partners :)
  8. NoType

    KnOwN ft. Rampage - Uncommon Impression

    Saw the map on youtube already. Sick map man, some parts made me say wow! Amazing decoration, and a very nice video. Great job!
  9. NoType

    The grand opening

    My man @PRODaN! Congratulations on the promotion buddy! Congratulations to you as well @MisterQuestions! Can't wait for the 3.0 release, keep up the hard work guys :)
  10. NoType

    [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Sk2 - Lost in Beams

    Still a nice map though! Nice to see that you're still mapping after all these years. Sad that we never got to finish our projects together :(
  11. NoType

    [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Sk2 - Lost in Beams

    1:08 - 1:20 ~ 1:27 1:55
  12. NoType

    [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Sk2 - Lost in Beams

    Great track but the deco could have been a bit better in some parts
  13. NoType

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Why u so late
  14. NoType

    [DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance [DL]

    It's really not bad for a v1, but the track is just too boring.. try improving that! Good job anyways :)
  15. NoType

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me! I'm vey grateful to finally be a part of the Twisted Gamers members... thank you to everyone who believed in me Congratulations to @Paranoid @Trend @Cathrine @ExTreMe14! And also to @pieT, you really deserved it buddy. Keep up the good work :) Can't wait for TG 3.0 :D
  16. NoType

    [DM] Qwince v4 - INXANITY!

    Nice map!
  17. NoType

    [DM] Rampage ft. Esp4wN - Luminosity

    amazing map! well done guys.
  18. NoType

    [DM]OnweD v.1 - Nature Overflow

    Not bad for a volume 1, keep it up!
  19. NoType

    [DM] Chipy - Descendant's Skills IV

    Nice video V1sh4L! And man I would really love to play this map soon. This is how challenging maps should be made. Great job :)
  20. NoType

    Hunter Match | WazeR# vs. Destroy~

    That's some nice aiming man! Good job!
  21. NoType

    [DM] Shine Ft. CSS Ft. Xoder Ft. Money - Prisma

    It does give me some sort of oldschool feeling again! Can't wait to play it. Good job :)
  22. NoType

    [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    seems like a decent map, good luck in finding partners