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  1. Team Name: Legendary Instinct Team Tag: LgnDary. Team Players: Pedrin - Brazil Sora - Saudi Arabia Tobster - United States Acid - Romania CLS - United Arab Emirates Team Reserves (optional): Al_Capone - Ireland Elister - Russia NexTy - Colombia/ ARB - SA
  2. Congratulations Y'all! Atta boyyy ChroniK! Doin' it big! Where's ma homie sora at tho? Been here since the stone age! Keep tryin' dude, you'll eventually make it!
  3. Happy birthday :)

    1. Tobster


      Thanks Yo! 

  4. Hahaha! Didn't you post this thread a few months ago? I remember reading this story awhile back. Ya almost got me there. -Why are links not working? Loading...
  5. Funny stuff! I got a smile outta that
  6. That's a bit unfair. That map is based on luck, the Kart map was deleted for a reason. If a team has to play the map is just horrible.
  7. Hmm... with the mlg crap and "r8,m8,b8,rekt"? As you can see, there's a huge difference between the two; less childish. So, i wish you the best of luck.
  8. Umm... -The score table does reset -Clans do get prizes That's the worst way to motivate others to win it. First of all, no one will have time to be playing cw every time a clan wins. Just won't work... You also have to consider other clans who play other gamemodes...
  9. Who the hell watches it anyways? Just a waste of time.
  10. Hi guys! Next trial period will be in 2018 I remember this day, StrangeR told me to ask unix :'( i crrii #foreverinmyheart #neverforget. All seriousness now, Thanks Unix, you truly are a good leader. Good luck with your thingy with TG. FREEAROAM destroyed it, hope you won't make the same mistake again. I wonder how the atmosphere is between you guys. : )
  11. Tobster


    me want to be rich >;)
  12. Pedrin you really are getting lots of ideas. Yes, you guys better add a clan-war system. What's the point of having a clan system when you can't even clan-war others.
  13. This isn't considered as advertising. He's just announcing a tournament. I see no reason why someone should get in trouble for announcing a tournament. After all, you've gotta find someway to reach out to others, to make it successful. I've done so myself, while i was in TG's clan.