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  1. hopper

    A suggestion

    Let's. Copycat ffs, nope make it like vote. Or add it for donors
  2. hopper


    yep and they begin to abuse it when they play pvp
  3. hopper


    Hey I Hope U Like This, Hey There Please make the vpn not allowed cuz when someone play pvp he will use it to avoid death and be lagger like that pic this first http://i.imgur.com/tEhNrVv.png the sec http://i.imgur.com/iYFWJLG.jpg the third http://i.imgur.com/i18zly0.jpg the fourth http://i.imgur.com/XxBaUII.png please do something. he's arabic and using vpn his country was india
  4. hopper

    language chat

    :D hh lel But we need that idea please support me :) i will translate for u when u on pvp or u can join on thier private language like press some "key" and set arabic and u will be automitcally on thier language
  5. also u can download this will increase ur fps what that program will do the smoke will be hidden the nos will be hidden every light will be red but ur fps will increase 2much and it's very useful 2 low-end pc GTA San Andreas Low-End Patch v0.9.rar
  6. hopper

    Only English In T.G

    loool , then the server will got rekt , Also We Got Admins And It's Allowed to speak any language u want on TG on the "main chat"
  7. hopper


    Looool Nice Recored, And Nice Map, Seems Like u No lifer.....:)
  8. hopper


  9. hopper

    i need one to dome shooter map

    any one wanna make with me shooter map contact me on FB or IG FaceBook: Adam Otman or u tell me ur name on FB on the topic or IG IG : Adam~ MidiSoft'~'
  10. hopper


    few seconds lol u mean few minutes
  11. hopper

    language chat

    lol na all wish to do that idea for stop spam the main chat....
  12. hopper


    Hey I Hope U Like This, Make An AFK System, Causes, When Some One wanna be afk do not press enter or stay camping or etc, he can type like /afk and he will be auto-killed that more better Best Regards : Adam~
  13. hopper

    language chat

    Hey I Hope U Like This, Make A Private, Chat for our language, Arabic Espanelo idk Lativian and etc And The Main Chat Only English Because, All spam the main chat and my head blewed up Best Regards : Adam~
  14. hopper

    Suggestion for the DM mapshop

    Na Bla Bla Bla , make the maps cost expensive like 20k and more i swear, that more better
  15. hopper

    Some little ideas and suggestions

    Na Bro, My Ping Do Not Jump When Map Start, It Stay Normaly, Maybe ur fps or ur router suck sry for saying that but that the truee