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  1. Jedi

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

    Goodbye biggest nazi of TG :( Good luck in u life :p
  2. Jedi

    Coronet says bb

    Good luck batia , we will miss u ;(
  3. Jedi

    How Many Languages Can You Speak?

    Lithuanian Russian English Polish
  4. Jedi


    Name: Noob Slayers Tag: NS- 1.TurboCat - Lithuania 2.;^)MisTeR#S - Tunisia 3.PepsiMax - Israel 4.xXiLaYxX - Israel 5.Weed|uG - Tunisia Team Reserve: 1.TurboCat- Lithuania (i'm here cause i don't know if i can be on tournament at the right time) 2. Hyena.Genetikk -Germany
  5. Jedi

    CTF - Team Finder

    Yo kids , i'm searching a team . Skype: hitmanbrethart , game nick "TurboCat"
  6. Jedi

    [DM] Coronet vol.2 ❤ Gremory ❤

    Nice map , i want to try it :o