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  1. C4sp3R

    What's Going on Now?

    Lost dreams guys! People waited for long time.
  2. It's something like the third project of TG 3.0 with MisterQuestion for sure, something was called Phoenix, before few months he and Jake were working on project, and now he's working again on new project, wtf!
  3. The most two things that I hate when I get black screen and FPS drops.
  4. C4sp3R

    A new year

    So, you are working on "old" TG 3.0 which made by ex-developers, if not what do you mean by "old" TG 3.0? i hope i can test it
  5. C4sp3R

    Can't see my tt ?-?

  6. C4sp3R

    Final News of 2016

  7. C4sp3R

    We will never die!

  8. C4sp3R

    Cant login in game :(

    I have the same problem but it works with one password only.
  9. C4sp3R

    Aren'tYou? says hello.

    Can you give me this infernus download link? (
  10. C4sp3R

    Clan War Bets

    20 - 0 for TC
  11. C4sp3R

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    trials without rights hhhhh
  12. C4sp3R

    Toretto's Portfolio

    Dubstep, Dan and Diablo images are awesome
  13. C4sp3R

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

    Good bye John, gonna miss you! #MvP!NoNameZ
  14. C4sp3R

    Expose yourself.

    aren't you dead?