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  1. Hello ,

    If you can read this post i would like to say that my report was not for maps purchasing as i mentioned in the second part , please re-read my report and get the point ; Plus my reports are totally logic , both of them actually were , and please avoid using like *ignore such stupidity* it's not how we do answer a polite report from a co-leader in my opinion , they did provoke , he (dan) did abuse , they've got what they deserved .

    For the part *fd/* it remains an insult , i do not allow anyone to say it to me since the meaning is the same .

    If anyone thinks my report against myself has weakened the first one just give it up , i just felt the need to make things look right an fair .

  2. lol @Gteaterok i don't believe you do bad maps , dark inceptions are doable so nothing is wrong with them , don't underestimate yourself that much -_- , but improving yourself will give more great job
  3. Nice one mate , not actually so far from the picture i had in mind :D .