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  1. @V1SH4L I told you man about the CW team and what would it happen if we battle a decent team, guess you didnt heard me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chari
    3. V1SH4L


      We will prove you wrong.

    4. CresPro


      Yea we will bring the madness

  2. This my friends, is mozart and beethoven reencarnated in one person doing hitech.
  3. Well peepz im leaving i bet some of you noticed that im just leaving one last pic to my brazilian friends :p Stay cool guys and farewell x)
  4. Why did you leave?:mellow:

  5. People cant deal with bad stuff they only run away and walk from place to place buthurted, that aint good, if you cant even take it here how can you take it out there ... Anyway we appreciate your efforts and good luck, im counting on seeing you in a few days like everyone does. Cya man, Chari
  6. Just won 120€ on Placrad, Congratz to me x)

  7. Heyaa bro, I saw in the canky's status that u passed the trial!! Gratz :D

  8. Thank you for everything man best of luck in life and on that little project you got there JC3MP. Cya arround man