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  1. Khalifa

    [DM] Exodo Feat. ??? - ???

    at moment looks a nice map, great record CooN, as always :D
  2. Khalifa

    Leaving MTA

    Goodbye mate, good luck with your life :D
  3. Khalifa

    [DM] ExplO vol 12 -_ Natural Mystic _-

    Great map bro :)
  4. Khalifa

    My drawing for TG

    Dafuq , Nice drawing Sily :D - You're best than me
  5. Khalifa

    [DM] F1ddle Ft. ???

    Looks a good map atm, keep recording Vish, with the time you will learn so much :D
  6. Khalifa

    [DM] .exAmp# ft. Every - Discover The Universe

    Lovely deco, amazing map. and great record :D
  7. Khalifa

    WTF Is Shooter?

    Damn,I agree. those guys are saying this when they die, keep calm, and play your game, ignore they :D
  8. Khalifa

    VenaDe Leave is MTA

    Goodbye. mate, good luck with your life. We'll miss you :)
  9. Khalifa

    DeLeTe ft. SakY!#:3 - Path of Nature III

    The map is amazing, but I think the final part could be better than this! Great record Reazzon ♥
  10. Khalifa

    [DM] DeLeTe ft. Mighty ft. SakY - Abandoned Place

    Looks a nice map, gj guys =)
  11. Khalifa

    [DM] Lx ft. SleepY ft. Anti-Z ft. ??

    Keep recording bro, I hope a good future to you with the channel! Nice map :)
  12. Khalifa

    [DM]Sandwave v6 - Lies!

    Izi :p Nice map!
  13. Khalifa

    [DM]Nicolaas ft. Natalia ♒ Always Strong ♒

    Good job bro, this map is so good ♥
  14. Khalifa

    Shooter 1 Is Buggy/Glitched

    I think the problem isn't with the maps, the admins just need to do a restart in shooter's gm..
  15. Khalifa

    [DM] giampa - Simple

    looks a good map, nice record coon!