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  1. inder

    low FPS

    These all tips r not helped me by the way thanx for sporting me and giving me tips.i will re install my window
  2. inder

    low FPS

    Thank you , i hope it will help me Thanx , Mousy , Gerox Well,i ain't get help with this links .... I already try this all types of things .. Like>off the music,low resolution of all items. Yesterday i updated my graphics card's drivers
  3. inder

    low FPS

    Hello,guys I have a problem with my fps idk why its to low all time even i have 3gb RAM,2GB graphics card GT 710 zotac. Today i reinstall my MTA and gta.san so what the problem i need help some fast cuz CTF tournament in near. Thank you, Inder, From Twisted Gamers