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  1. AH! U failed at hunter part
  2. .randoM

    [DD] Cross-Apocalyptic by Stig//:~

    As I said, everyone has his own style, DD isnt all abt "Zaya's Maps". Don't want to argue on this topic now. ON TOPIC : If u add some lamps or something that lights the map, would be nice in the night :P
  3. .randoM

    [DD] Cross-Apocalyptic by Stig//:~

    Why someone should inspire himself in someone's style? Every mapper is known as his style. Don't listen to this Bernardi, keep urself on ur own choices... Nice map, I like it
  4. .randoM

    [Search] Cheetah

    Going to use the Sheetah's one, Thanks m8 Edit* It requires CLEO 4, I hate cleos :l
  5. .randoM

    [Search] Cheetah

    Yes I know but, I'm finding the whole mod to install :)
  6. .randoM

    [Search] Cheetah

    Maybe u are, probably yes. The fact is I tried to find and cheetah with spoiler, but nothing.. Well, I have a cheetah with 2 spoilers https://forum.twisted-gamers.net/topic/3221-sparrows-cheetah-mod/ but it annoyed me, that's why I'm finding something new
  7. .randoM

    [Search] Cheetah

    I will be pleased if someone will find this mod. Thanks in advance :)
  8. Peeps crying cuz they didnt get admin status, huehuehuehue.

    /cry m8

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    2. K-9


      Who the &%*$ are u ?? xd

    3. .randoM


      I'm randoM sir, nice to meet y'all :)

    4. K-9


      Well Nice to meet u to sir (y) 

  9. .randoM

    randoM's Introduction

    Thanks Guys :) Ahahaahaha PassBabe <3 :)
  10. Hi Guys, maybe some of you knows me already, if not then I'm randoM. My real name is Gianni, I'm italian and I will enjoy my free time here. Hope to see y'all ingame :)