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  1. Antadorea

    Impzy's PUBG Adventures

    sexiii, lets play pimpzy.
  2. Antadorea

    Ingame related pictures

    Sneak preview of my upcoming v2 :P
  3. @V1SH4L he left, so maybe i hate him. :/
  4. Improper behaviour from many guys and yea totally forget the ego from TG Members. Shouldn't come over so, but what i heard, so many guys aren't appreciated with this.
  5. Antadorea

    DioGo v9 - Burning Decades ( Test ENB #1 )

    good job man. The quality is nice. Maybe you can record my map in some years hahahah
  6. Antadorea

    Ruby ft. Dubstep ft. DarkyZ - Staring at the sun

    really awesome map, already played it. Can't wait for it ;)
  7. Antadorea

    [DM] D4sjokeR vol 10 Say Goodbye II

    great work. Also nice scripts. Good job bois
  8. Antadorea

    [DM] BuDyA's -Vol 16- Dark Fantasy

    Nice one. As i saw you keep the decoration style from you. Good job bois
  9. Antadorea

    [DM]uRage ft.?? - Impossible Skills

    possible skills*
  10. uhmmmm some new slaves, i like that! I hope you guys doing your best for us! Boiiiss
  11. Antadorea

    SoundwaveZ ft. ??? (ft. ???) - ???

    lol why does the video end at 1:16 hahaha anyways good map, good luck in finding partner.
  12. Antadorea


    so as from other guys written, i dont like this mapping style. But tho nice map and awesome record bro's. Good job!
  13. Antadorea

    [THEME] Twisted Gamers v2

    nice one surferboi. Good job, keep it up.
  14. Antadorea

    [DM] BriaN - Nostalgia II

    finally a awesome map from you. Is it me or the video lags like hell ? Gj both.
  15. Antadorea

    [DM] DarkyZ^^ v5 - The Fate

    good job darkyz. Well done bois.