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  1. Happy Birthday TG <3 & Welcome back Tommeh :')... we expect alot of Great work that will be coming by you & The developers :* Also Good luck Everyone with the Competition
  2. Waaw, Gr8 Job TroY, this Track has unique stuff, keep it up.
  3. Welcome back! Greetings, M0SH4<~#
  4. Back, from Hospital :'(

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    2. Wayzee


      Why do you laugh, chronik?

    3. ChroniK
    4. Mosha


      uhm you think its funny, but its not.

  5. ahm... i thougt he made that video =... i didnt read "found on the internet" xD my bad
  6. Great Job Unix and the developers, the login panel is perfect ;) really Good job keep it up :)
  7. wow thats awesome work bro, gr8 job
  8. i had this problem when i was using windows XP i couldn't fix it, so i changed my windows to 7, if you find the solution tell me because there is alot of my friends have this problem
  9. Mosha

    Logout bug

    That happened to me yesterday ...
  10. Welcome Ahmed, I'm from egypt too enjoy your stay, cya ig ;)