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  1. Stroiter

    Expose yourself.

    ah f0ck it.
  2. Stroiter

    Expose yourself.

    well i know Smoke kills. but everyone dies , so why i dont smoke? and i like hookah xd. Dude i dont really care, im stupid *claps* bitch plz.. im not fu**ing up my reputation, now i cant post a Picture? me smoking? please shut up and go to 6s i respawned Muito Foda , ne? Muito Foda , ne? x2 Very Foda , ne? x3 with love :3
  3. Stroiter

    Expose yourself.

    te amo :3 12*
  4. Stroiter

    Expose yourself.

  5. Stroiter

    My MTA Career ends here.

    hahaha ye I remember when I got pain in the teeth fck finally now I don't have xd
  6. Hello Boys, it's Stroiter, since I get no way to get unbanned I decided to leave this Game over 10 Ban Appeals made and all [DENIED] i can't wait anymore for the nightmare of getting banned here. bcz i like so much this Server. Good Bye Boys and , peace out. Special Thanks For: @AnUs for unbanning me but i got banned for selling donator - @V1SH4L for answering 90% of my Ban Appeals - @Twisted-gamers for the lovely career that you gave me here - And for the people who believe in what i say. Bye.
  7. bandido join request kk dei like pra uma ajuda @_@

  8. Stroiter

    [2] Challenged by PURE - ACCOMPLISHED

    Nice One ps: first
  9. Stroiter

    Expose yourself.

    his eyes omg... i love that eyes
  10. hhahhahah  i thought there was a mosquite in my monitor hahahhahaa

    1. GeroX
    2. Mattox


      hhhhhhhhhhhhh im funny

  11. "Détermination du courage et la confiance sont des facteurs décisifs pour le succès.
    Si nous sommes possédés par une détermination inébranlable, nous pouvons les surmonter.
    Peu importe les circonstances, nous devons toujours être humble, modeste et dépouillé de fierté."

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    2. NoNameZ


      I'll never understand this language. Baguette est chaude (still). @ChroniK

    3. ChroniK


      Do you like baguette with Nutella?


    4. NoNameZ
  12. i know we dont have a good friendship but i still wishing you a happy birthday, hope your dreams come true.

    1. V1SH4L


      Thank you!

  13. Stroiter

    My Login Panel Design

    this guy posted this in all race communitys this.