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  1. I wanna present you first infernus modding project I made today! I hope you will like it. The details on the car really draw attention and motivate you. A very infernus project was presented. on the contrary this I wanted to add something different. I am playing the key role in creating a new style by reducing the details on the car. The details on the right and left sides of the car are completely different from each other And that makes it a bit more interesting. I created a nice idea using green, gray and white tones with it. The skeleton and the woman on the top of the vehicle represent official destiny and hell. Green represents the fate line. The black lines on the back of the vehicle represent darkness and depression. If you want, you can try black, which is an alternative color. It's not just a black version of the car, it's a slightly different style. Black color is exactly the same, only the lines in the vehicle's rear bumper have been changed. black is different from the other color and may show a little more attractive. All files is in one box You can download it here! File.upload - (Clcik me) Mediafire - (click me)
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