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  1. Thank you ... get rekt Well - and 3R accepte the it and think that this is a good idea ... well i think TG scared like always ... thats bad :(
  2. Hello everybody today i come to you with a new idea for an event (admins event) i created this event to see if we can find the best players (admins) in every gamemod ;p I hope you like the idPicture: the link and u will find the idea picture Like you see in the picture every year 3R,TG and - servers chose 1 admin in every gamemod DM/DD/Shooter and they fight each others until they get 5 points the first player(admin) that get 5points win the match and get a badge(still working on it) on his Profile For the best player of he year (...) Every gamemod will have 1 admin that won the match and will be the [Admin of the year (...)]I really hope you like the idea because this is my first try and i want to share my ids for the world ; 3R Team accepted this event and waiting for - gaming server and TG server
  3. Hellow all today i created a New clan but i dont know how to Make my friend a co leader so plz someone Help me and Ty :D