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  1. Marque

    The end

    One of the first servers that I had played on and the first community I joined when I started in the MTA scene, around 7 years ago... Sad to see it's closing but anyways I'll always remember playing my first maps here. Respect to all the people who made TG great.
  2. Marque

    News 17.04.16

    just came here to say BUENAAAAAAAA EMINEEEEEEM LO LOGRASTE PNDJOOO xd ah ye gz to the others
  3. -Spraying with the hunter is allowed. No thanks.
  4. Didnt see this section, I post this one here
  5. 1024x768 ftw! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks guys, it's nice to see your comments here, it makes me think my job with recordin is good! :D And yeah, there are some parts where my fps are going down, or simply fps drops, reason: my graphic card; it's not that good D: (on next videos, I will add CC)
  6. I hope you enjoy this video, comment and like, also a subscribe, would be appreciated! Sorry for the ones who live in Germany and can't see it :x
  7. Today I bring you the first vol. of Zureth, Enjoy watching it! Like and share ;)
  8. Marque

    -|TG|- vs. >VIP<

    Why people like spray? That rule of spraying is allowed is big shit imo, not saying only for VIP though